Amazing Laos

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Vientiane, Laos.

First leg of my trip in South East Asia started with this very beautiful city. From Kuching, we did overnight in KLIA 2, Kuala Lumpur for our early morning flight to Vientiane.

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Patouxay (Landmark)

  • 20 minutes walk from the city centre or  you could take a Tuk Tuk.
  • Do visit early in the day or during evening time as it could get very hot later in the day.
  • 10,000 Kip (USD 1 / MYR 5) to get to the top of the Patouxay.
  • There are plenty souvenir shops on your way up to the top.

Patouxay (Vientiane City Landmark)

_DSC5268 20.43.51

View from the top of Patouxay

Hat Don Chan Beach

  • Look for this Hat Don Chan Beach (Not exactly a sea side beach but it is by the riverside) when you strolling at the night market.
  • Make sure you come here for the sunset overlooking the border of Thailand right across the Mekong River.
  • Plenty of activities such as paragliding, ATV riding and some aerobics taking places by the riverside.



Paragliding with beautiful sunset background along the Mekong River.

Temples at Pha That Luang

  • Free Entrance
  • Tuk Tuk ride from City Centre to Pha That Luang cost around 30,000 Kip (USD 4 / MYR16)
  • Pha That Luang located right beside this temple & entrance cost 10,000 Kip (USD 1 / MYR 5)
  • There are plenty of temples around here including a sleeping Buddha statue.
  • Pha That Luang was on renovation when we were there.


JOMA Bakery Cafe

  • If you love coffee and cakes, this definitely a place for you.
  • JOMA Bakery are very famous for its huge portion of salads and local coffee.

(P/S: We didn’t know until we were in Luang Prabang, that’s why we ordered a burritos)

COPE Centre (Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise)

It’s a visitor centre that educate the public the relation between people with disabilities that got affected by unexploded ordnance (unexploded bombs). US had been dropping millions of bombs from 1960s to 1970s. Many of these cluster bombs still remained in Laos Jungles and had affected the locals.

  • Free Entrance
  • Tuk Tuk from the city centre to COPE Centre cost around 30,000 Kip (USD 4 /MYR 16)
  • Do watch documentaries short provided by the staff here.

Khop Chai Deu Restaurant

  • We came to this restaurant after checking its high review on Trip Advisor.
  • Definitely recommend this restaurant if you wanna try local Laotian food.
  • Remember to ask for less spicy if you are not into spicy food.

Hor Kham (Presidential Palace)

  • Beautiful Presidential Palace right at the traffic light junction.
  • We are not sure whether this place are visitable but the view at night is just amazing.


Tips when traveling in Vientiane, Laos

  • Always bargain with your Tuk Tuk driver.
  • Ask your hotel staff / locals about the estimated price for the Tuk Tuk ride to your destination.
  • Pricing for the intercity buses varies slightly but it always more expensive to purchase bus tickets at your hotel.
  • They will do pick up for you at the hotel by Tuk Tuk to the bus station (only within 2KM radius)
  • If you plan to go to Vang Vieng or Luang Prabang after visiting Vientiane, there are plenty transportation available. Especially the VIP buses and Minivans. VIP bus cost moderately cheaper than the minivan. I would highly recommend you to take the Minivan instead. We took VIP bus from Vientiane to Vang Vieng. Took us longer than expected as the bus would stopped randomly at some places. Minivans are more comfortable and you will arrive at your destination sooner.
  • We bought VIP bus ticket here (Vientiane to Vang Vieng – 45,000 Kip / USD 6 / MYR 25)
  • We stayed in Hemera Hotel (15 minutes walk to city centre) and walking distance to Patouxay.
  • I would highly recommend this hotel as well. Spacious room, super helpful and friendly staff.
  • There is money changer that right in front of Hemera Hotel that offer higher exchange rate than the rest.

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2015 Review

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Waddup People!

Today I’m writing about my experiences in year 2015. What I had gone through. What I learnt and my mistake . It’s 2015 recap.

2015. The year that I moved to Singapore (not permanently) for work. My aunt let me stay at her place in Clementi for the first few weeks. After about a month,  I moved to Tampines with Jake and Kiat (They got job offer from GEASO as well). No longer waking up at 5am after that.  Missed my aunty cooking lah especially the homemade MEE PO . Brief explanation of what I do, I work as a component inspector in GE (General Electric) aircraft engine services Singapore. Work scope range from inspecting aircraft engine blades, dealing with paperwork and running airflow test. Working on various shifts. Met plenty of nice colleagues and engineers here. Many are from Malaysia, India and China.

May 2015, I went back home for a surprise visit. It was my sisters 19th birthday. They did not know that I was on my way home and Wui Gin fetched me from the airport. I asked my brother to leave the key at the side door so that I can sneak in without their knowledge. They did not realised I was already inside my room until their friend came over to surprise them that night. First ever homecoming surprise success!

July 2015, my family came to visit Nina and her family in Johore. We have everyone there. Yes, everyone! Daddy, Mummy, Inek, Kelvin, Sharon, Alicia, Nina, Nicholas and Grace. Perfect family moment. We went to Kluang. Mostly sight-seeing around town and have local delicacies. It was really short. I do wished for more time together like this. This is a necessity especially when you get older and time with family is limited.


Nicholas Took This Photo I guessed. Tea Break at Kluang Station

Then, TGL (The Gang Lair) venture into Road to Ultra Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. We get to watched Skrillex spin live and also I found my next favourite DJ. DJ Mija. It was fun and packed. First time ever raving indoor so its pretty chill and I really glad it was indoor because Singapore heat has no mercy.

Check out the full experience here Road to Ultra Singapore

Late October, we visited Universal Studio Singapore with Zhan Zhi, Jake and MBX. Had hella fun! Stayed at Five foot inn. We took 2 days fake medical leave for this. So that we can get our weekday off. However, our visit to the clinic made us waited for about two -three hours of waiting time. Hot weather did not stopped us from having fun! We did the mummy ride 3 times and it was super worth it!


The Fam Nilai in USS. Credits to Zhan Zhi friend for the discounted tickets. 

Check out the full experience here Universal Studio Singapore (Part 1)

November 2015, company bi-annually event, Family Day held at Garden By The Bay. We woke up really early for this just wanted to qualify for early bird lucky draw. Unfortunately, we went to the other side of Garden By the Bay and it’s about 30-50 mins walking distance. We all ended up with a cab ride and of course, we missed the early bird lucky draw. Weather hot 99 (Extremely Hot and Humid). Great event with multiple activities going all at once hence everyone kinda spread out. Everyone were waiting anxiously for the lucky draw. Hundreds prizes to be won. We all really wanted that Macbook and GoPro prize draw. Luckily, I got the 11th prize. I did not see that coming and it was Xbox. I really love this! First time ever got a lucky draw and it’s FREAKING XBOX SIAAAA!


Jake. Adli. Kiat.Lionel. GE Jumpshot. 

December 2015, it’s the last month of the year already.  Spent my first December weekend in Penang. Played at the annually held Penang Hat. Definitely not prepared for this. Mentally and physically. Bought  the wrong sized cleats caused me to lost one of my toe nail. I played so badly that I’m really ashamed of my game. The real disappointment was when you know what’s your potential is and you just can’t play like what you used to because of your lack of commitment. However, this tourney really open up my mind in term of sportsmanship and how to actually have that adrenaline going even if you drained.


Jake. Sunrise. At Padang Polo. 

Check out the full experience here First Frisbee Hat Tourney


Dinner with Gong Gong. 

Then, before I can settle down, it was christmas already. Honestly, I dont really feel it this year. I just dont know why. Disconnected. That what I felt. I tried. Got home pretty late. Flight got delayed. Xbox got unexpected duty charge. After minutes of argument with the custom officer I got 6% instead of 30%. This year my family decided to have a family potrait with all my aunties and uncles. We had a huge family gathering (My father side). It was perfect. We never had this, like everyone in the picture. However, my brother was not around this christmas. Job Duty Call. We got him photoshopped into the big family potrait. Spent time with my cousins, aunties and uncles. Well spent. Proper chat with them during supper and we all went to Christmas Eve Mass together. It’s nice cause we all seldom meet and hardly know about each other life and I barely know their name. That’s bad. I know.


Father and Sons


Father, Daughters and Daughters-in-Law

My sisters doing their part time now and I’m really proud of them. I was still spending my parents money during college. They doing so much better. Spent a lot of time with my gang. Realised that we spent most time at local coffee shop or home. Chill and Talk. We played Xbox and PS4. That’s something new in our gang. We had lot of fun. I really love spending time like this. We had Christmas gathering at Michelle’s house. Lesser headcount this year but still perfectly awesome! Lots of snapchat and videos. Kenny won our first new year resolution promise. He got like 6/10.  I just got 2.5/10. We did our gang annually charity gave away. Very less homeless people this year, we gave out only one and one more  for a duty security guard who was still sleeping. Got job Kuching! I believe people are getting better now. We did fed stray dogs and cats. Kenyalang Dogs, you puffs need to behave.


Chrismassssy @ Michelle’s Crib  

Check out our experience here Coming Back Home For Christmas &  The Gang Lair X’mas

2015. It’s the awkward year. I finished college in late 2014. Started to work in March 2015. Official working year. Official financial cut off from parents. Official end of college life. Many regrets this year. I turned down many getaways and trips because of work. Gained weights. Been really lazy and way too many excuses of why I shouldn’t work harder in what I love to do. I admit i turned into a very demotivated and lazy person that year. I made empty promises. Spent most of my time chasing wealth and stuff. I had the resources but did not make  full use of it.

It gotta end there. I do not want to bring that attitude to 2016. This year gotta be the year that I keep my promise. Do it and no excuses. This year I gotta have more fun and less fear. Many times I always afraid of what and how people will think or look at me. It does not help. I do not want to meet people expectation. Because I was not happy that way. I want to meet my own expectation. The one that had the right to judge, is Him. Him alone. Hopefully I can keep up with myself. 2016. Fun.  And more Fun!

Last Day of School ( Inspirational Short Film by James Lee)

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Hello Mello Peepoos!

Wanna ‘drop’ another recommendation of short film, Last Day of School (爸我放学了) , directed by James Lee from Doghouse73 Pictures which starring uprising actress from Singapore,  Evon Chua and our very own famous local actor Mike Chuah. Let’s put our hands together for James Lee and his team for this well written short. *Clap Clap*

I believed this short film represents numbers of family, especially in Asia that struggled with keeping up with today’s fast paced world. Education fees sky-rocketed especially in the tertiary level. Hence, the rich get better education and vice versa. Baby Boomer generation worked so hard so that their children can have the very best of education which eventually will lead into a better future. Growing up in a middle-income family, I truly understood this as my dad puts his sweats and blood so that my siblings and I get better education. Thanks Dad! We love You! I hope one day, education will be free even for tertiary level.  I had been living in Singapore for a while now and level of expectation in education are very high. Kids as young as 7 years old went for multiple tuition classes after school hours. What do you think?

This short film/ads by NTUC Orange Income Aid  had moved many people. James Lee films never failed to put his audience at awe. Can’t wait for his next project. Anyway, if you have not watch the short, Watch it here.!Last-Day-of-School-爸我放学了/cdq1/55a520570cf25b8bf7e90acc

Check out Doghouse73 Pictures Facebook Page Here

Doghouse73 Pictures

SALAM MUSIK – My Favourite Band

Music', Salam Musik


Salam Musik have been around in Malaysia music industry for years now. They are well known for their hip hop/reggae/jazz music with injected vibrant positive vibes, poetic lyrics, and catchy music beats that made your feet giggling all the time. I was lucky enough to watch them playing live at 2013 Jinx music festival in Sarawak Culture Village. I had this little crush on the only Bunga (female) in the band, the beautiful Miss Eyza Bahra which eventually made me follow up with the band’s music. Today, I listened to Aku Pelat by Salam Musik from Youtube which featured in The Wknd channel that made me wanna blog about them.This song kept playing in my head all the time. I can’t stop dancing! Do check out their link below for some really good evening music to chill with during the weekend!

Salam Musik Facebook Page Here Official Website

The Inspiring Filmaker – Casey Neistat

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I always made a living so I could make movies. I never made movies to try and make a living. If the reason why doing anything creative is to make a living, then your doing it wrong. You get into it because it’s a true passion, it’s something you really believe in, or don’t get into it at all.

Casey Neistat 

Not long ago,  I found out about Casey Neistat after Devin Graham posted a facebook post about him which featured in JacksGap Youtube channel. Then, I YouTubed Casey Neistat and found his version of ‘Draw My Life’. It was an amazing experience to virtually get to know Casey Neistat and his past. What he had gone through to be who he is today. There are many inspiring YouTuber/ Filmmaker out there and they are the reason that made me wanna push even further into this wonderful world. To name few of my favourite Youtuber, Devin Super Tramp, Wong Fu Productions, NigaHiga, FunForLouis, JinnyboyTv, DanKhoo Productions, TheMingThing, TheGrimFilm, The Doghouse Pictures, Night Owl Cinematic, Wah Banana, and Tree Potatoes. Okay. More than a few. Hahaha. These are my daily ‘Korean Drama’ dosage. Will blog more about each one of them soon.  Casey Neistat had gone some of the hardest time in life like leaving his only son to pursue his filmmaking career in New York and with limited equipments plus no YouTube Channel during his time. He was able to pull everything off and had become an inspiring Youtuber/Filmmaker all around. Thank You, Casey Neistat!

I could barely afford to eat, I didnt have anyway to stay, no education, few prospects and I thought no way it can get any harder than this , If I can figure out how to get through this, will be okay and so I did. I commit everything to New York City and to my dream.

Casey Neistat


TheMingThing New Comedy Skit (YOUTUBE)

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Cinanos – Mr. Magic Man

Yay! New video from TheMingThing! If you are a Malaysian and actively involve in social media, then these two Goofiest Malaysian YouTuber brothers are not strangers to you. I have been watching their YouTube videos since college years and without doubt, I always got entertained every time they released a new video. They never failed to come up with something that is bizarrely rare, but funny at the same time, especially Ming Yue and his face expression! Watch their latest released video called the Cinanos – Mr. Magic Man, these two brothers are so good at acting and you both should get Oscars already lah! and Yesh! I did not see that fork coming.. Hahahahah!

Fun Facts about TheMingThing

1. TheMingThing YouTube Channel Team actually consists of four awesome dudes, Bryan Lim @bryanlyt, , Raffi Th’ng @raffithng, Ming Yue @mingasaur and Ming Han @dmingthing

2. Ming Brothers started out as a band called Skyward (They still do perform and make some great music)

3. Ming Yue @mingasaur actually hosted a 8TV show called ‘The Stalker’.

4. They are Kendama players.

5. 1.6 million views on YouTube (Your Accent Come From Where)

Your Accent Come From Where 

You might know them from this million views YouTube video and this definitely one of my favourite comedy YouTube video. Air…air! Hahahah! Watch their videos and it certainly will brighten up your days!

P/S : Correct me if I’m wrong about the facts yo

Dance Video of The Day

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I love dancing! I used to dance with bunch of super cool flashmobers during my college years.  Flashmob was a thing back then until it gone over-performed. When some one started dancing, okay, here it goes, another flash mob scene. Well, I am not against Flashmob but I do think we need to step into another new level of Flashmobing. This amazing dance cover were choreographed and danced by Laure Courtellemont ft the famous cheerful couple in the world of dance, Keone & Mariel Madrid. (P/S: If you had any dance film/shorts project/collaboration, feel free to contact me at my email and I would love to participate!)

Check out their Facebook page below

Urban Dance Camp

Laure Courtellemont

Keone Madrid

Mariel Madrid

TED Talks of The Day – How to Practice Emotional Hygiene by Dr. Guy Winch

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Emotional Hygiene? Yesh! Emotional Hygiene! This probably the first time you heard or came across this term! Me too! From a young age, we had been urged to stay clean and be hygienic all the time to prevent unwanted sickness and diseases. After watching this, i realized how ‘dirty’ am I. If you experience depression, failure, rejection, negativity right now or before, I strongly urged you to watch this! If not I’ll drag you, put toothpicks between your eyelids and forced you to watch this video! Haha! Nah! Joking only lah! Well, I gotta admit that for the past 23 years I had faced depression, failure, loneliness and rejection. There is time where my self-esteem plunging down 10,000 ft and I do not see how can I pull it through! It took me so long to get back up again after failing in something. I accidentally pampered my negativity cycle and made it worse. What I learnt from Dr.Winch is that if we are physically wounded, would we made the wounds worse by deepen the cuts? No right ?! We treated it and do our best for it to cure! Same go to our emotions! What have I done for the past 23 years?! Well, late is better than never!

We have to fight the feeling of helplessness and gain control of our life! Break any negative cycle before it begin because sometimes our minds and feelings are not trustworthy as we thought it were. They can be moody too! When you are devastated, in pain or facing rejection, remember to revive your self-esteem quick! 


REVIVE YOUR SELF ESTEEM! How often do you met someone who ask you to revive your self-esteem when you’re sad or depress?! Basically, we need to learn how to cope with failures and change our response to it! This will make a HUGE DIFFERENT in your life! Watch this episode of TED Talks and let me know how you feel after watching it!  STAY EMOTIONALLY CLEAN PEOPLE!

Check out and Subscribe to TED Talks for more inspirational and educational videos!


Check out Dr. Guy Winch Facebook!


Wind Chimes in a Bakery (Inspirational Short Film by Samsung Malaysia)

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Wind Chimes in a Bakery is a short film produced by Samsung Malaysia which was directed by Jang Jae Hyuk (Yes, Korean!) and story by Leo Burnett Malaysia. He brought those Korean dramas influences into this wonderful short film. I watched this short film about a month ago and I really enjoyed it. I finished the whole short series in one day! Starred by Koe Yeet, as Sue and Ahmad Nabil, as Adam with Awal Ashaari and Liyana Jasmay as special guest appearances. Two unique individuals from different cultural and background met each other through the aromas of red bean buns. What happen next? You have to watch the whole series! I found this short very inspiring and one thing that I truly learn from this is live your NOW fully!

Life has a funny way of giving us exactly what we want and take it away. As if it reminding you who in charge and all you can do is feel that life is unfair. Sometime you get so caught up with how glad things are that we forget how good they were, maybe how good it could be again?

That was one of the lines in the short series. I’ve repeatedly rewind that part over and over again just to write this phrase out and be truly understood of what it really meant. What I felt is that this serves us as a daily reminder to cherish every moment possible! Especially with people that we love like family and friends because great moments may not repeat itself again!.

Do check them out on the Facebook link below!

Samsung Malaysia

Leo Burnett Malaysia

Koe Yeet

Ahmad Nabil

Seventeen Janewary

Tedtalks, YouTube

TED Talks of The Day

If you are a wise politician, ambitious developer, city mayor or just a derp with a very huge dream to influence and change the future of our youth generation. This 14 minute video by Dr.Robert Muggah from TED talks is worth every minute of your time while watch-eating your Ramen in front of your Toshiba laptop.  The city’s development had influenced our youth in so many ways. Both good and bad. However, drug trades, violence, mass unemployment are accelerating today. He talks about how urbanization leads to the bad influence among our youth.  Dr. Robert Muggah is a well-known Research Director of the Igarape Institute. He had worked with the United Nation to help major cities in building security, developing smart metropolitan and got himself featured on BBC.

Check out his link below

YouTube Channel of The Day

I have been watching YouTube since my high school. Since then, I have enjoyed watching YouTube video – like watching American Drama Series – just a bit lagging. Hahah. I love YouTube so much that I started my own channel few years back and only started working on it starting last December. Today, I’m going to share one of my latest discover of YouTube Channel, Fun for Louis. After watching his travel video which featured on 9GAG, I went to his channel and started watching his super cool videos. For example, their journey log in Norway, Europe Bus Trip, Kayaking and many more. Can’t wait to watch the rest. They are the perfect definition of today modern nomad. Travel freely – Have a good time – Make new friends along the way – Live like no tomorrow. It is everyone’s dream. Well, almost! They did some stupid stuff too along the way too, like eating banana slug. IT IS NOT A BANANA. IT IS PURE LIVING SLUG. I can watch their video all day long. Please do subscribe to their channel for fun and adventurous videos. Dear Louis, thank you so much for sharing your travel Vlog in YouTube. Somehow, it had inspired me to travel around the Globe and basically be a modern nomad.