David Beckham Into the Unknown (VIMEO)

Adventure, Amazon Forest, David Beckham, Vimeo


David Beckham as David Beckham

Hello Mello Peepooos!! We have known David Beckham for his top-notch free kick and amazing footwork on the football fields for decades. Plus, David Beckham was all over magazine covers and apparel models. David Beckham indeed a proof living legend celebrity footballer today. In this David Beckham Into the Unknown, you will discover David Beckham differently, as himself; not as a football star nor famous celebrity but as a humbling father, husband and a friend. Joined by two of his best friend and a film maker, David venture into the Amazon forest where no one can recognize him. Their expedition to meet the isolated tribe in Amazon forest absolutely fascinating. Sometime in life, we want people to accept us as who we truly are, not what they want us to be. If you are into fun adventure, add this kind of trip into your bucket list and go venture with your buddies. Soon, you will live to tell the extraordinary tale to your grandchildren!

No matter where you go, the same thing matter to everyone, family and friendship. It’s all about the simple life.

David Beckham