Turning 26 years old yesterday and it felt like turning 36. A decade older. Spent the whole day editing my first short documentary right after breakfast with my brother. I had the whole co-working space area to myself. There were only one or two individuals and we barely had any eye contacts.

Saturday evening mass and a dinner with family was perfect that evening.

It was all good. Family ❤️

However, I was not really feeling it and I knew I shouldn’t feel this way.

I wondered who really remember my birthday without Facebook notifications.

Who really looking forward to celebrate my birthday?

Who willingly to spend some thoughts in sending me a birthday text?

For once in life, I wanted to feel important.

At least now, I knew how much I’m worth to people that I know.

It’s time for MORE self-love.


Midnight Thoughts


Midnight Thoughts

  • When should you trust your guts? Can they be 100% right? If not, why did I feel what I felt? What is it?
  • When should you acknowledging your feelings? Only when you are happy? And not when you are sad, angry or upset?
  • When should you express yourself? Say whatever comes to mind and heart without over-analyzing it?


Thoughts and feelings when bottled up. Is it going to be concentrated or will it fade into history?





Phase One – The Struggle


Diving into this creative content making career is a lot tougher than I thought.

Struggling mentally and financially. And also physically, I think. Honestly, it felt like back to square one. Starting from zero.

Being a travel and adventure video content creator seems like a lot of fun and cool. Yes. The coolest person in the room. Maybe. That is exactly what I thought. But being cool just ain’t sustainable.

Being able to create video content is not enough. First, I will need to go out and produce content consistently to keep up with the rising competition on social media. I’ve lost the drive and passion just to go out and make videos anymore. There are so many people out there make videos now. What make mine different? Secondly, networking and building audiences is a huge struggle. Having hard time attending business networking session and approaching potential clients and tell them, Hey I Make Video. I make cool video. Do you want one? Something like that. Being in this industry with very little network and each time when I was introduced to new community, I had trouble making new contact and sustain them. Lastly, the business part of it, learning from what Parker taught online certainly not enough. I need to localise my filmmaking business. Every time I approached them with my proposal, it always seems way too expensive for them and they will always asked for the lowest price available. This is kinda heartbreaking cause it felt like my content was not good enough. I would rather do it for free than giving it out at a price which is not proportional to the work done.

I have more bad days now since I’ve started this journey into filmmaking. Many times, I woken up clueless, had zero idea what I wanted to do. Most of the time, I felt lost and alone. I wished I would be able to talk to someone who would understand the struggle and the journey.

This stress probably the sign of growing up.

The remedy that I use for now normally listening to Lewis Homes podcast, going to the gym and hang out with my family and best friends.

Someday, I hope I would be able to read this back and understand the struggle from different perspective.

I’ll need to learn to keep this journey financially sustainable and start create assets along the way.


Learn to trust the process’

Keep Going,

Lionel Benang

Udaipur Travel Guide


Where to visit in Udaipur



Entrance of The City Palace


Got to love the archictecture


View of the city.




I would love to stay at this palace


People who built these are amazing artists.


Palace by the lake


This palace is massive


Udaipur City Palace


Udaipur City Palace at night

  • Located at the heart of Udaipur and by the Lake Pichola.
  • Entrance Fee is 200 Rupees / USD 3 / MYR 13
  • Open daily (9.30am – 5.30pm)
  • In House Museum
  • Normally spent around 1.5 hours here.
  • Do explore outside of the palace and there are restaurant and boat services to visit other attractions.
  • Separate fee is required if you wished to explore the waterfront part of the palace.



Jag Mandir

  • Island Palace
  • Located at Lake Pichola
  • Reach through Bansi Ghat Jetty.
  • Entrance Fee – per hour boat ride (350 Rupees / USD 5.5 / MYR 22)
  • Private boats & cruises available.
  • Fun Fact – Katy Perry got married at this palace.



  • Used to be a floating palace and now it is luxury hotel.
  • Located at Lake Pichola
  • Visiting guests have to take a boat-ride provided by the hotel staff to reach the Lake Palace from the banks of Lake Pichola.
  • Five Star Hotel, Restaurant & Vintage Car Museum



Ek Ling Nath Ti Temple

  • Free Entry
  • You can make a donation to the temple fund / local charity fund.
  • Located at the heart of Udaipur and walking distance to Udaipur City Palace.

Local art and craft shop located within the temple


Make sure you visit them and check out their craft. So much details that you will be amazed at how talented the local artists was.



View of the Monsoon Palace from Zostel during Sunset.


The Monsoon Palace


People of Udaipur. 

  • Open Daily (8am – 6pm)
  • Entry Fee (80 Rupees /  USD 1.20  / MYR 5 )
  • Located at the hilltop (Can be seen from Udaipur town)
  • About 20 minutes ride from Udaipur.  (About 12KM from Udaipur)
  • Hire a tuk tuk / taxi or even rent a motorbike to go around.
  • Not for beginner motorcycle rider
  • Zig zag uphill ride
  • Many naughty wild monkeys around so be careful with your snacks.
  • In-house restaurant / cafe

Other Attractions in Udaipur

  1. Lake Fatehsagar
  2. Lake Pichola
  3. Saheliyo Ki Bari Garden
  4. Bagore Ki Haveli Museum 
  5. Khumbhalgarh Fort

Where to stay in Udaipur


Zostel Rooftop View During Sunset


Udaipur Bus Schedule (Can do pre-booking with them) 


They had a pug. 


View from Zostel


We had Thali again at a local cafe (Check out the first one on Trip Advisor)

  • We stay at Zostel again here in Udaipur.
  • It located close to the Lake Pichola and by the hillside.
  • They had amazing rooftop dining area and are perfect for sunset view of Udaipur City and Monsoon Palace.
  • They had common room full of board games, books and a pool table.
  • If you love doggie, you will love this place.



Apparently they had all these very vibrant colorful door knob for sale near the palace.


Take a dip


I got my hair cut here 


If you’re riding a bike here, watch out for these donkeys


More donkeys 

Extra Tips

  1. Check out the amazing craftsmanship nearby the temple.
  2. Highly recommended to stay in Zostel. (Affordable and amazing sunset views)
  3. Uber services available here
  4. Check out the lakeside and you’ll find bunch of local swimming around.
  5. Bike rent normally would cost around 500 Rupees / USD 8 / MYR 33 per day.
  6. Try Laal Maas (Local Specialty)
  7. Spend about at least 2 days here
  8. Check out our travel vlog here Udaipur Travel Guide




Taj Mahal Quick Guide

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Getting There

  • Taj Mahal located in Agra, India.
  • About 2 hours train ride from New Delhi.
  • Train scheduled daily to Agra at 7am.
  • Purchase your train ticket at the Tourist Ticket Counter at least a day before.
  • Check availability of train ticket and cost on Clear Trip apps.
  • If you’re on tight schedule, visiting Taj Mahal can be done on day trip.
  • Check out our travel vlog here Taj Mahal Travel Guide



Complimentary breakfast on train.


Agra Cantt Railway Station


Tuk Tuk Price List (Location Based)

  • There are plenty of taxis & Tuk Tuk available at the railway station.
  • Remember to discuss about the cost first before agreeing to ride with them.
  • They may ask for extra during your trip so do double check on your hotel or hostel location on Google map. ( P/S : They asked for extra rupees from us because our hotel kinda far away from agreed location.)
  • Normally they will offer you their tour services along the way so make sure you know the approximate tour price range and find the right match for you.

How To Buy Taj Mahal Entrance Ticket 


Ticket Counter (From Western Gate) 


Sunrise & Sunset Schedule (Opening Time For Visitor)


Do & Don’t during your visit to Taj Mahal

  • Ticket Cost (1000 Rupees / USD 16 / RM 64)
  • If you are a student, do bring along your student card. (Cheaper)
  • Open from sunrise till sunset.
  • Best visiting time is during sunrise or sunset (Catch the Golden Hours)
  • There are three available ticket counter (Taj Mahal Western Gate, Taj Mahal Southern Gate & Taj Mahal Eastern Gate)
  • If you would like to buy your ticket in advance, purchase it online here Taj Mahal Online Ticket
  • If you love to visit Taj Mahal with a lot less crowd, visit Taj Mahal during sunrise in the summer. ( P/S, do bear in mind that it may get very warm & hot and Taj Mahal Building probably will go on maintenance.)
  • Photography & videography is not allowed inside the Taj Mahal monument.
  • Large tripods & stabilizers are not allowed as well unless with a film permit.
  • Night tour for Taj Mahal is normally available during the full moon period. Do check out their timetable here Night View at Taj Mahal
  • Guide is available for hire around USD 5. 
  • There are plenty souvenirs & gifts shop available right outside Taj Mahal.

The Western Gate 


Taj Mahal During Sunrise 


Closer look at the western gate. 


Mihman Khana (Guesthouse) 


Taj Mahal Balcony 


Taj Mahal 


Taj Mahal During Sunrise 


Street around Agra Town. 


Local marketplace in Agra


Local Thali at Good Vibes Cafe

Extra Tips 

  1. Always bargain about 70%-80% less for the gifts / items that you want.
  2. Do a proper research about the place to avoid potential scams and touts.
  3. Do screenshot the destination or map of the destination that you are about to visit.
  4. Do visit Agra Fort as well. (We skipped that due to budget) but it is huge.
  5. I would highly recommend to stay at Zostel again if you are on a budget.
  6. For food, go for Good Vibes Cafe, they can customize your meal to your preferences. (We asked for something that off menu, American Chopsuey, and it is superb!)

For more info,

Find me on social media, Lionel Benang.

For business,

Email me at 

Visit Our Website Here Dreammuch Visuals


New Delhi Travel Guide




  • Free Entry
  • Nearby to Lodhi Garden.
  • Nearest metro station is Central Secretariat on the yellow and violet line junction.



  • Nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk.
  • Entrance Fee – Foreigner (500 Rupees  / USD 8 / RM 32)
  • Extra Fee is required for filming in Red Fort.
  • Light & Sounds show available.


  • Free Entry
  • Houses the tombs of Sayyid and Lodhi rulers.
  • Nearby to Humayun Tomb.
  • If you are on a budget like us, visit the Lodi Garden and skip Humayun Tomb.


  • Located near Chandni Chowk
  • No Entry Fee Required except for photography ( 200 Rupees / USD 3 / RM 13)



Took this shot at nearby Sikh Temple in Chandni Chowk.


Local Indian Sweets Store


Jalebi (Super Sweet)

  • Located at the busiest marketplace in Old Delhi.
  • Great places for textile & jewelry shopping.
  • Get some local Indian delicacies here as well.


  • Modern shopping heaven In New Delhi.
  • Night markets.
  • Hal Di Ram (Local Fast Food Restaurant), Starbucks, KFC, Johnny Rockets, H&M and many more store.
  • Local cinema.



Preparation for cremation ceremony. 


  • Cremation ground in New Delhi, India.
  • Located at the riverbank of Yamuna River and nearby to Red Fort.
  • Free Entry.
  • We visited this place because we could not make it to Varanasi, India.


  1. Get around with Uber or by Metro Train Services.(Do note that not all Uber Driver can speak English)
  2. Avoid giving out your travel dates and accommodation details to overly friendly strangers. (Normally they are from ‘Tourist Information SCAM Clan‘)
  3. Do avoid tourist information centre around or near Connaught Place in New Delhi.
  4. Get your information from your hostel / hotel staff.
  5. We highly recommended Zostel (Backpacker Lodge) for accommodation.
  6. Buying train ticket guide available from previous post here How to buy train ticket in India
  7. Check out Hal Di Raam (Local Fast Food Chain)
  8. Do visit Humayun Tomb 
  9. Always buy sealed water bottle.
  10. Get some medical advice from your trusted doctor before coming to India. (Prevention is always better)

Zostel (New Delhi)


Backpacker Lodge


Common Room


TV Room 


New Delhi Metro Map 


Ladoo Selection in Hal Di Ram 


All these sweets in Hal Di Ram 


Bunch of food that we still cannot figure out how to oder. hahah. 


This is Ladoo. 


Avoid this Tourist Information Centre at all cost. Scam Clan


For More Info,

DM Me on Social Media


EMAIL ME (BUSINESS) or visit our website

Trekking in Nepal

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Everest Base Camp Trek


Flight to Lukla by GOMA AIR. 


On our way to Phakding. 


Horses are available for hire.


One of many suspension bridges.


  • Check for the right season (March – May (Spring)  or September – November (Autumn))
  • Avoid the monsoon season (June – August (Summer))
  • Prepare yourself physically (At least 3 months prior to your trip – HIIT highly recommended)
  • Prepare yourself mentally (Read and do research about your trek course)
  • Do a full body medical check up (Optional)
  • Typhoid Vaccine and Hepatitis B Injection (Check with your local doctor)
  • Make your booking with reliable trekking agent. ( I did it with Madhav Adhikari (Trekking Agent) &  Mount Face Nepal)
  • Solo / Group (Do it with the right company)
  • Get a travel / trekking insurance (MUST) 
  • Prior Mountain hiking / trekking activities (Mountain with high altitude make the best preparation because you’ll be acclimatizing a lot easier during your EBC trek)
  • Eat a lot of ginger / garlic months before. It helps thinning the blood and apparently it with reduce severe Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)
  • Drink a lot of water and get used to it.

River water flows from the glaciers.


Highest elevation trek (Phakding to Namche)


Up. Up. and Up.


Take photos. A lot of it.


Gayane, Sola & Ganesh (Guide)


Kakak Ani at the Sagarmatha National Park Entrance. 


Double suspension bridges.


Few hundreds meter to Namche. 


Ganesh (Guide) & Sola. Their positivity is addictive.


Local strumming the music instruments playing the Sherpa song.


Panaromic View of Namche Bazaar. 


  • AMS can be very severe. (Be alert to the symptoms)
  • You will be having nausea and headache and maybe lost of appetite during acclimatization. It’s a sign of your body adjusting and adapting to the altitude and level of oxygen. Acclimatization is crucial. 
  • Rest a day or two if you have to.
  • Speak out if you feeling uneasy or unwell.
  • Most guides and local lodge operator speak decent English and some Malay Language(Share this post if you’re a Malaysian)
  • It can be freezing cold at night so make sure you are comfortably warm.
  • Hot water would cost you around USD 3 / 300 Rupees. 
  • You’ll probably fart a lot as you go higher. It is normal. It is due to the altitude.
  • You’ll maybe have a strange and weird dreams. It is normal. It is due to decreasing oxygen level as you go higher.
  • If you’re lucky, probably you can spot some local mountain animals.
  • Do your last shopping at Namche Bazaar before heading higher.
  • If you want to know more, do watch our whole EBC series here HUMBLED SERIES

Our Superman Potter (Lakhwir) 


Superman Surash (Potter). These people are amazing.




Common transportation here at the mountain. Yak Services.


Prayer Flags, Prayers carved on stone and a Stupa.


  • Comfortable Waterproof Trekking Boots
  • Pairs of Socks
  • Slipper / Birkens / Crocs / Sneakers (Off Trek / Lodge)
  • Thermal Layers
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Down Jacket (Wind & Waterproof)
  • Gloves (Waterproof)
  • Winter Hat
  • Quick Dry Towel
  • Comfortable Light Daypacks
  • Waterbottles
  • Thermal
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain Jacket (Optional)

Monks at the Tebongche Monastery 


Ama Dablam


Me and Ama Dablam (Behind)


Paradise on Earth.




  • Camera (Mirrorless Preferred -Lighter)
  • Extra Batteries (Always keep them warm – Put it in your pockets)
  • Chargers (Charging will cost you from USD 2 – USD 6 per charge)
  • Phone charging cables
  • Light Tripod / Gorilla Pod
  • Headlamp
  • Power Bank
  • GoPro (Optional)
  • GoPro accessories
  • Solar Charger (Optional)
  • Laptop (Optional)
  • Drone (Optional) – (P/S: I brought a DJI Phantom 4 for my expedition. I did not flew it. Himalaya regions Air Space can get very busy in the day. I decided not to risk it since I have no valid film permit. Check with the local authorities first before you flew it) 

Gayane, The Yoga Master.


Sola (The Dal Bhat Power)


Towards Gorak Sheep


  • Cash (Nepalese Rupees & USD)
  • Passport (VISA)
  • ID
  • Trekking Permits (Normally kept by your guide)
  • Trekking Maps
  • Books
  • Journal

Danphe (Nepal National Bird)


Musk Deer




  • First Aid Kits (Your guide will carry one as well)
  • Water Purifications Tablets
  • Soluble Vitamin Tablets
  • Sunscreen
  • Diamox (Meds)
  • Wet tissues (Clean yourself humans)
  • Candies, Power bars, Chocolates and Nuts.
  • Poker Cards (Optional)
  • Portable Speakers (Optional)
  • Gifts / Souvenirs from your own country (Optional – You will developed a strong bonds with your guide and porters. It will be a great gifts to remember your expedition together.)



View of Ama Dablam 


Panaromic View of the mountains at Lobuche Memorial


  • Take necessary rest after trekking. Acclimatization is crucial.
  • Do train for this expedition and do not take it lightly. (P/S : I did not make it to the base camp due to severe AMS )
  • Keep a positive vibes at ALL TIME.
  • Talk to the locals. (They may have summited Everest)
  • Flights timing occasionally stray from schedule. Be prepare. You could be waiting at the departure hall for hours.
  • Drink a lot of water during trekking.
  • Keep a steady pace with your group and be brave enough to speak out your concern when you felt unwell.
  • Last ATM available at Namche Bazaar
  • Hot shower normally cost USD 3 / 300 RUPEES
  • Everything get more expensive when it get higher.
  • Internet available at most lodge. (Not Free)
  • Take those selfies. Take those mountain shots. Take those group photos.
  • Try the Tibetan Breads & Dal Bhat. It’s GOOD!
  • Remember to have fun!

At the Lobuche Memorial


Lakhwir, Sola, Surash, Ganesh & Gayane. 

What Happened?

I am going to share with you what happened on the day I was airlifted back to Kathmandu. This was based on my personal experience and may vary with different individuals. Check out the full series here HUMBLED SERIES EP1 (YOUTUBE)

Every now and then, I dreamt about the mountains. It felt like I had some unfinished errands waiting for me to get it done. What actually happened that day? Did I made the right decision? What if I kept going? What would happened then? Will I make it back? I asked these questions to myself so many times.

Unfortunately, there are no actual answers to my never ending whys. Nevertheless, I have to learn to embrace what happened to me there and slowly build up my faith again.

That very night, I had severe headache. Non-stop gentle pounding inside the wall of my skulls. It woke me up almost every half an hour.  To make the situation a lot more worse, the kerosene odor in the lodge was so heavy that it almost felt like sleeping right next to a gas station. That night was the worst experience I had on the mountains. I puked right after I woke up the next morning. I drank plenty of water hoping that I would feel better with so little sleep. I have told Ganesh, Gayane & Sola about this. These were likely  signs of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). Gayane felt the same about the kerosene odor and had kept her window open for the night for fresh air. I was looking forward to leave lodge hoping that I would recover quicker. After taking Diamox (Medication), we left the lodge.

Starting the journey to Everest Base Camp from Periche that day with such low spirit probably not the best thing. I was not feeling myself that morning. Throughout that trek, I constantly stopping for water break. Fatigue kicked in way earlier that I expected. My knees were weak and I was panting.  As I was walking behind my trek mates, Ganesh keeping his pace parallel to me just to make sure I was all right. Then, I mumbled The Hail Mary Prayers number of times as I trekked. Severe fatigue was real. I hardly felt my legs. I remembered asked God for strength just to finished this journey. Every single word of the prayer felt so deep and I began to had tears. I was tired. It was a very emotional journey for me. I started to questioned myself what is my sole purpose of being here and attempting to get to Everest Base Camp. 

It was at Gorak Sheep lodge when I slowly felt like my body shutting down. I was extremely fatigued and lost of appetite. I had trouble walking straight back to my room and even sluggish reaction. After talking to Ganesh, Sola & Gayane, these were symptoms of severe AMS. I had Snickers and some hot soup. Did not felt any better. Body temperature dropped and I started shivering.  They warmed me up with extra down jacket and gave me some warm thermos.

I was terrified that I might collapse at any moment. So frightened that I would not wake up if I took a rest or nap. The only thing I had it mind at that very moment were my loved ones. I still wants to be with them. Mountains will always be there. That was when I decided to withdraw from this expedition. It was difficult decision for me. Leaving my closed friends behind after spent 7 days trekking together was immensely heart-breaking.

After getting treated at the Hospital in Kathmandu, I genuinely felt defeated. Calls and texts from loved ones were very comforting and had helped me overcome that phase of dismal period. I am sorry that I have let all of you down. I promised to train harder and better. Have no worries, I am better now.

Everest Base Camp, I will see you real soon. Namaste! 

To Ganesh, Gayane, Sola, Kak Ani, Surash & Lakhwir,

All of you are amazing individuals.

I was so lucky that I had met each and every one of you. I truly appreciate every moment that we spent trekking together. I miss all the good times. Mountain Disco!

Thank you for all the knowledge that you had shared

Thank you for the cookies, snacks, bananas and mango juices.

Thank you for all the jokes and laughter

Thank you for dancing on the mountains with me

Thank you for taking care of me when I am at my lowest point while literally on the highest point of my life. =)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dal Bhat Power 24/7!


Everest Base Camp. Displaying the colour of Armenian Flags. 


Ganesh (Malaysia Flag) & Sola (Sarawak Flag, my Home). Thank you for bringing it to base camp.


If you know me well, that’s my drawing. He made it as well. 

And You! Thank you for reading this all through! Love you!

DM me on my social media,  LIONEL BENANG.

There’s a treat for you! =)








Kathmandu Travel Guide

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Where to stay in Kathmandu


Kathmandu Aerial View


Thamel Street At Night



Thamel (Shopping Paradise)


  • Best places to stay in Kathmandu definitely in the vicinity of Thamel.
  • Plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, trekking and gifts shop. (Walking Distance)
  • Bear in mind that Thamel streets can be very dusty so do wear your face masks.
  • Highly recommended Hotel Thamel & Holy Himalaya Hotel .

Places of Interest in Kathmandu

Bhaktaphur Durbar Square


Bhaktaphur Durbar Square

  • Bigger compared to Kathmandu Durbar Square.
  • About 45 minutes drive from Kathmandu.
  • Bargain with your cab driver for the price. ( Around 1500 NPR / USD 15 / MYR 63 One Way)
  • 1100 NPR / USD 11 / MYR 46 Entrance Ticket.
  • Locals will approach you and offer to be your guide. (Not necessarily)
  • Do spend 2-3 hours here.

Bhaktaphur Street


Hindu Temple



Amazing Archictecture


Pottery Square



Gayane trying Kufti (Local Ice Cream) for the first time


Bhaktaphur Lake

Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath)





Buddhist Prayer Flags




  • 200 NPR / USD 2 / MYR 8 Entrance Ticket.
  • Hire a cab. (Normally included in the day tour package or you could walk 30 minutes from Thamel street)
  • Locals will approach you and offer to be your guide. (Not necessarily)

Garden of Dreams


Sola at Garden of Dreams


  • 200 NPR / USD 2 / MYR 8 Entrance Ticket.
  • Flowers & Squirrels.
  • Great place for family picnic and dating.
  • Walking distances from Thamel.

Kumari (Living Goddess Place)


  • Free Entrance (Donation expected).
  • Photo of Kumari (Living Goddess) are forbidden during visit.
  • Kumari will take a peek at the window just for a moment.
  • Walking distances from Thamel.

Kathmandu Durbar Square


  • 1000 NPR / USD 10 / RM42 Entrance Ticket
  • Most of it still under construction after the earthquake.

Best Lassi In Town



  • We were brought here by a local. (We have no idea where is the exact location)
  • 70 NPR / USD 0.70 / RM 3

Watch Traditional Dance Performance


  • There are plenty of restaurants here in Nepal that offered traditional Nepalese dance performance.
  • We were brought to Thamel Restaurant by our trekking agent and we had a great evening with amazing Dal Bhat.

Drink Local Beers


Tips when travel to Kathmandu

  • Try Dal That (Local Dish)
  • Always bargain even for groceries. Yes. We did and it worked.
  • Always pay in Nepalese Rupees and they do accept MYR currency. (Many Nepalese able to speak decent Malaysian Language)
  • Bring your face mask. (It get very dusty and windy at times)
  • Phasphutinath Temple going to cost 1000 NPR / USD 10 / MYR 42. (We skipped this place because we think it’s a bit expensive)
  • Check out my video here on Youtube Kathmandu Travel Guide

Route 1095 (Chiang Mai – Pai)

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Video Link

How to get to Chiang Mai, Thailand


Wat Chendi Luang

  • There are plenty temples to visit in Chiang Mai.
  • If you have limited time, do visit Wat Chendi Luang.
  • Located in the vicinity of Chiang Mai old town.
  • It was built in the 14th Century.
  • You can easily chat with the local monks here and most of them can speak English well.
  • Entrance fee is 40 THB / MYR 5/ USD 1

Pai, Thailand

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 18.10.36

Route 1095

  • Motorbike Rent  200 THB / MYR 25 / USD 6 (24 HRS)
  • Full fuel tank 100 THB / MYR 12.50 / USD 3 
  • About 3 – 3.5 HRS journey to Pai from Chiang Mai. 
  • Do WAZE / GPS your destination before your start riding because the internet line could get pretty bad in the mountainous area.
  • Always wear your helmet.
  • There are minivan and bus services to Pai as well.
  • This is not a beginner friendly motorbike / scooter ride.
  • Uphill mountainous road with sharp corner turn.
  • Always fill up your tank when it show two bars or less.
  • Gasoline are available at most roadside local store.
  • Do not use Kiosk Gasoline by the roadside (Normally dried up)
  • There are many guesthouses and homestay along the way.
  • Occasionally, there will be military road block. Nothing to worry about.
  • It might get very chilly on your way to the top.

Pai Canyon


Pai Canyon


Aerial View of Pai Canyon. 

  • Free Entrance.
  • Sunrise location.
  • Be careful of the ridges.

Long Neck Tribe

  • Long Neck Tribe Village in Pai, Thailand. 
  • Small road on the left after the White Buddha entrance, follow the signboard.
  • Entrance is 100 THB / MYR 12.50 / USD 3

Tuku Didgeridoo Band



Tuku Didgeridoo Band in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Koleang Boat Noodle in Chiang Mai


Ko Leang Boat Noodle. 



  • Delicious and cheap boat noodle in Chiang Mai.
  • Open daytime only.

Tips when traveling to Chiang Mai & Pai, Thailand.

  • There are many tours services available in town and always ask for discount.
  • You can visit Doi Inthanon Park, White Temple in Chiang Rai, the Golden Triangle and many more.
  • Night market are within walking distance.
  • Do spent more time in Pai if you love nature and mountains.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

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One Day Trip to Ayutthaya Historical Park.

  • Check out our video here Ayutthaya Historical Park
  • It’s about an hour drive from Bangkok, Thailand. 
  • We GRAB a cab to bring us there and drove us around for the day. (2000 THB / MYR 250 / USD 58)
  • There are train and buses services as well.
  • You could check another alternative here How to get to Ayutthaya by Travel Fish.



  • Entrance fee for most temples is 50 THB / MYR 6 / USD 1.50.
  • You can get 220 THB / MYR 27.50 / USD 6 for 6 temples ticket as well.
  • You can get around Ayutthaya by bicycle, scooter or hire a Tuk Tuk driver.





Wat Si Sanphet


Wat Mahathat


Smilling Buddha (Wat Lokayasutharam)


  • Entrance fee for Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is THB 20 / MYR2.50 / USD 0.50.

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Tips when travel to Ayutthaya Historical Park,

  • There are floating markets in Ayutthaya and I would suggest you to skip it.
  • Go early if you want to explore more of Ayutthaya because it is massive ruins and temples.
  • There are more than just one ruins to visit.
  • Always bargain with the Tuk Tuk driver.
  • There are many elephant rides and tours available in Ayutthaya. PLEASE DON’T RIDE THEM.