Route 1095 (Chiang Mai – Pai)

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How to get to Chiang Mai, Thailand


Wat Chendi Luang

  • There are plenty temples to visit in Chiang Mai.
  • If you have limited time, do visit Wat Chendi Luang.
  • Located in the vicinity of Chiang Mai old town.
  • It was built in the 14th Century.
  • You can easily chat with the local monks here and most of them can speak English well.
  • Entrance fee is 40 THB / MYR 5/ USD 1

Pai, Thailand

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Route 1095

  • Motorbike Rent  200 THB / MYR 25 / USD 6 (24 HRS)
  • Full fuel tank 100 THB / MYR 12.50 / USD 3 
  • About 3 – 3.5 HRS journey to Pai from Chiang Mai. 
  • Do WAZE / GPS your destination before your start riding because the internet line could get pretty bad in the mountainous area.
  • Always wear your helmet.
  • There are minivan and bus services to Pai as well.
  • This is not a beginner friendly motorbike / scooter ride.
  • Uphill mountainous road with sharp corner turn.
  • Always fill up your tank when it show two bars or less.
  • Gasoline are available at most roadside local store.
  • Do not use Kiosk Gasoline by the roadside (Normally dried up)
  • There are many guesthouses and homestay along the way.
  • Occasionally, there will be military road block. Nothing to worry about.
  • It might get very chilly on your way to the top.

Pai Canyon


Pai Canyon


Aerial View of Pai Canyon. 

  • Free Entrance.
  • Sunrise location.
  • Be careful of the ridges.

Long Neck Tribe

  • Long Neck Tribe Village in Pai, Thailand. 
  • Small road on the left after the White Buddha entrance, follow the signboard.
  • Entrance is 100 THB / MYR 12.50 / USD 3

Tuku Didgeridoo Band



Tuku Didgeridoo Band in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Koleang Boat Noodle in Chiang Mai


Ko Leang Boat Noodle. 



  • Delicious and cheap boat noodle in Chiang Mai.
  • Open daytime only.

Tips when traveling to Chiang Mai & Pai, Thailand.

  • There are many tours services available in town and always ask for discount.
  • You can visit Doi Inthanon Park, White Temple in Chiang Rai, the Golden Triangle and many more.
  • Night market are within walking distance.
  • Do spent more time in Pai if you love nature and mountains.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

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One Day Trip to Ayutthaya Historical Park.

  • Check out our video here Ayutthaya Historical Park
  • It’s about an hour drive from Bangkok, Thailand. 
  • We GRAB a cab to bring us there and drove us around for the day. (2000 THB / MYR 250 / USD 58)
  • There are train and buses services as well.
  • You could check another alternative here How to get to Ayutthaya by Travel Fish.



  • Entrance fee for most temples is 50 THB / MYR 6 / USD 1.50.
  • You can get 220 THB / MYR 27.50 / USD 6 for 6 temples ticket as well.
  • You can get around Ayutthaya by bicycle, scooter or hire a Tuk Tuk driver.





Wat Si Sanphet


Wat Mahathat


Smilling Buddha (Wat Lokayasutharam)


  • Entrance fee for Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is THB 20 / MYR2.50 / USD 0.50.

Best Iced Thai Tea Ever! 

Check them out here Malakor Kitchen & Cafe

Tips when travel to Ayutthaya Historical Park,

  • There are floating markets in Ayutthaya and I would suggest you to skip it.
  • Go early if you want to explore more of Ayutthaya because it is massive ruins and temples.
  • There are more than just one ruins to visit.
  • Always bargain with the Tuk Tuk driver.
  • There are many elephant rides and tours available in Ayutthaya. PLEASE DON’T RIDE THEM.