TED Talks of The Day – How to Practice Emotional Hygiene by Dr. Guy Winch

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Emotional Hygiene? Yesh! Emotional Hygiene! This probably the first time you heard or came across this term! Me too! From a young age, we had been urged to stay clean and be hygienic all the time to prevent unwanted sickness and diseases. After watching this, i realized how ‘dirty’ am I. If you experience depression, failure, rejection, negativity right now or before, I strongly urged you to watch this! If not I’ll drag you, put toothpicks between your eyelids and forced you to watch this video! Haha! Nah! Joking only lah! Well, I gotta admit that for the past 23 years I had faced depression, failure, loneliness and rejection. There is time where my self-esteem plunging down 10,000 ft and I do not see how can I pull it through! It took me so long to get back up again after failing in something. I accidentally pampered my negativity cycle and made it worse. What I learnt from Dr.Winch is that if we are physically wounded, would we made the wounds worse by deepen the cuts? No right ?! We treated it and do our best for it to cure! Same go to our emotions! What have I done for the past 23 years?! Well, late is better than never!

We have to fight the feeling of helplessness and gain control of our life! Break any negative cycle before it begin because sometimes our minds and feelings are not trustworthy as we thought it were. They can be moody too! When you are devastated, in pain or facing rejection, remember to revive your self-esteem quick! 


REVIVE YOUR SELF ESTEEM! How often do you met someone who ask you to revive your self-esteem when you’re sad or depress?! Basically, we need to learn how to cope with failures and change our response to it! This will make a HUGE DIFFERENT in your life! Watch this episode of TED Talks and let me know how you feel after watching it! ¬†STAY EMOTIONALLY CLEAN PEOPLE!

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