Seventeen Janewary

Tedtalks, YouTube

TED Talks of The Day

If you are a wise politician, ambitious developer, city mayor or just a derp with a very huge dream to influence and change the future of our youth generation. This 14 minute video by Dr.Robert Muggah from TED talks is worth every minute of your time while watch-eating your Ramen in front of your Toshiba laptop.  The city’s development had influenced our youth in so many ways. Both good and bad. However, drug trades, violence, mass unemployment are accelerating today. He talks about how urbanization leads to the bad influence among our youth.  Dr. Robert Muggah is a well-known Research Director of the Igarape Institute. He had worked with the United Nation to help major cities in building security, developing smart metropolitan and got himself featured on BBC.

Check out his link below

YouTube Channel of The Day

I have been watching YouTube since my high school. Since then, I have enjoyed watching YouTube video – like watching American Drama Series – just a bit lagging. Hahah. I love YouTube so much that I started my own channel few years back and only started working on it starting last December. Today, I’m going to share one of my latest discover of YouTube Channel, Fun for Louis. After watching his travel video which featured on 9GAG, I went to his channel and started watching his super cool videos. For example, their journey log in Norway, Europe Bus Trip, Kayaking and many more. Can’t wait to watch the rest. They are the perfect definition of today modern nomad. Travel freely – Have a good time – Make new friends along the way – Live like no tomorrow. It is everyone’s dream. Well, almost! They did some stupid stuff too along the way too, like eating banana slug. IT IS NOT A BANANA. IT IS PURE LIVING SLUG. I can watch their video all day long. Please do subscribe to their channel for fun and adventurous videos. Dear Louis, thank you so much for sharing your travel Vlog in YouTube. Somehow, it had inspired me to travel around the Globe and basically be a modern nomad.