Viper Challenge 2014 (Asia’s Biggest Obstacles Challenge)

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30 Nov 2014, Sunday

Today, I’m gonna share my experience during the Viper Challenge 2014 which was held on 1st Nov 2014 earlier this month. So, here’s a brief introduction what a Viper Challenge is all about,

Jake and I with our “U cool Bro’ T-Shirt (TheFam)

Viper Challenge is a 20km route course that’s filled with over 20 men made obstacles that physically and mentally challenge us. They are the pioneer of the obstacle challenge event in Asia and still remains the biggest. Viper challenge is based on a wave format, participants are released into the Viper arena for every 20 minutes. Participants can expect to complete all the obstacles between 3 – 5 hours. This challenge can be completed as an individual participant or as a team. This year, it was held at Sepang International Circuit, Selangor, Malaysia. Viper challenge will surely feed those hungry adrenaline junkies that are starving for adventure. This event only started last year, they gonna go BIG! REALLY BIG! LIKE MASSIVE BIG in the future!

My friends and I were lucky enough to secure our slot for the very first time for this event. We got a 6am slot on the first day of the event. Awesome! We had purchased our slots about 7 months earlier because we heard the news that their tickets sold like mad hot mouth-watering butter cakes and plus their official video was on the Facebook news feeds almost every time I logged in during that period. Prior to the Viper Challenge, we had trained very little, I would say. My friends were very busy with their career and I busy at lazing. Oh, lazy me. No jokes.

So, the night before, we had a small discussion on what to wear, where shall we gather, which Mamaks shall we go to, our strategy (Leave no man behind.. Haha) and many more. Since, we all are mostly from different places, so that night we chatted for quite some time, just to catch up with each other about life. We ended up in bed around midnight, and we plan to wake up at 2am. Four men two single beds, yeah, I can sleep like a baby pig, snoring like no tomorrow, HELL NO! We mostly got about 30 minutes nap the most. After that, we got to freshened up and get ourself some breakfast. By then, I just realized, the GoPro was not switched off from last night and ran out of battery. Sun on the beach! Luckily we were up early, so there was plenty of time to charge and thanks to today technology for the invention of USB cables, I was able to charge the GoPro inside the car. We went to McD drive-thru and then fetched the only girl in our team, Miss Lim. Finally, headed off to Sepang Circuit, It was about 4am when we arrived and there already plenty numbers of participants.

After breakfast, we got ourself registered and went into the circuit entrance zone, checking out the booth, wandering around with other participants, snapped some selfies with the awesome wristband, showing off our cool T-shirts and I don’t know what. We saw the big ramp like the ramp we watched in the American Ninja series. What?!! How on earth we gonna climb that ramp?! (Later see lah) However, the DJ was already up early to spin his track to atmosphere-ing the event with some cool tunes! After we left our bags at the ‘lockers’ area, we did some stretching to warm ourself up and also released the inner water element inside of us before it started. For the first time in my life, I witnessed the longest men toilet queue. About 20 to 30 people queued outside the washroom.

All of us gathered at the starting point and filled with excitement and adrenaline, could not wait any longer to run this obstacles challenge. We were so blessed to be in the first wave. When the emcee announced the countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……. YAY!! RELEASE THE BEAST!!! Smokes, dark skies, flashlights from cameras, what a great way to start this obstacles run!

Throughout the course, there were about 20 obstacles challenge, started off with Tires Challenge, loads of tires, followed by Ice Bunk Challenge, it was freaking freezing. It was six in the morning and we had an ice bath. How cold is that?! Our body were shivering. Then move on to Underground Crawling MudWater, Wooden Railed Hand Grip, Barbed Wire Crawl, Dried Grass Climb, Mud Multiple Mountain Climb, The Inferno Jump into Mud Water, Rope Climb, Eletrical Fences, Slanting Wall, Taller and Bigger Slanting Wall, Multiple Wall Run, Vertical Wall Climb, Monkey Swing, Lake Crossing, Floats Run, Netting Jump and The Giant Ramp. ( I just made all these names because I forgot what they called it but you can use your IMAGINATION or just checked out my first person view video of the obstacles below, so much easier, You don’t have to read all these boring explanation.Do subscribe to my YouTube channel if you love to watch more video like this.)

This run was truly amadzing! Definitely depends on teamwork to finish it off and if you are participating alone, do not worry a single bit because other participants will certainly help you to get through those obstacles. Especially during the slanting wall climb, vertical wall climb and the giant ramp, it requires more support from your fellow mates. Unless you are super strong and there are participants that can finish it off by themselves. These challenging obstacles normally located at the few last kilometer routes so by that time, you probably already exhausted.

I failed some of the obstacles that were required much upper body strength. I weighted about 80kg, so I dipped myself into the pool of mud most of the time. (Boooo!!!)  The netting jump requires some techniques, remember not to sprint towards it if they had it again next year, or you will gotten slammed into that net like I did and sprained my shoulder, just few feet jog and then jumps towards it, grabbed the net, never let go, and pull yourself up, we saw many people just ‘accidentally’ jumped into the mud pool. It was so fun to watch tho. Beside that, there are routes that are only long distances muddy road through the palm estate. It was exhausting but do not give up, keep going!


We did it! We survived Viper Challenge 2014! TheFam!

Tips for Viper Challenge

1. Train your upper body strength (Yes, train it like your life depend on it, most of the obstacles required upper body strength).

2. Watched viper challenge video on YouTube ( there are a lot of them, so that you have a sneak peek of how the course would look like).

3. Do train your stamina.

4. Eat well of course (You gotta need help at some point of the obstacles and you might need people to pull or lift you, so lose that chubby tummy so that they don’t die fighting for your life)

5. Have enough rest and sleep at least a day before. (We hate zombies but if you look like baby panda, they may huddle with you).

6. Please eat your breakfast. (You definitely need the energy for later even if you are not hungry at all, at least swallow that banana please).

7.Have something sweet or isotonic drinks before you start the race (They do provide, but due to long distances route,  they had mostly waters at the water station and only some water station provide isotonic drinks and bananas plus the first aid-er do not provide any cramp stop spray at the course. They only provide ice. We did saw a lot of leg cramps, A LOADS of CRAMP,  like a cramping game at some point).

8.Do some stretching or warm yourself up before starting the run.

9. If you are able to get yourself the earliest slot, that’s the best choice ever (from my point of view) because those obstacles are still in great condition, you can avoid the blinding sun rays, you have more time to complete the course and get yourself some good parking slots too.

Gear Tips

1. Be light & carry less (You’ll be like Ninja)

2. If you plan to bring your Smartphone along, please bring a waterproof bag or casing. (It’s gonna be super muddy and wet)

3.If you are not Mr or Mrs Sunshine, do wear sun protective gear or long tights and long sleeve tights and perhaps a cap for your head (You might want to cover yourself with mud too)

4. GoPro or others adventurous cam user, do record when you are at the obstacles or you saw a unicorn climbing the wall because GoPro had limited battery power and probably can last for about 2 to 3 hours (Correct me if I’m wrong). Thanks to my buddy Jaynis for borrowing me her GoPro for this event! (No DSLR, unless you are part of the media crew).

5. Appropriate comfortable shoes (Please do not wear brand new shoes unless you do not mind your shoes falling in love with muddy)

6. Appropriate comfortable sports wear (If you are in a team, it’s best if you guys have own custom team t-shirt, the photographer loves it).

7.Gloves (Optional, if you wanted to keep your palm soft like baby skin)

8. Knee pad (Optional, some crawling might give you cuts and bruises tho)

9. Watch (Just to make sure that you are on track, you will be escorted out from the arena if you have not completed 50% if the course by 2pm, this is not good for those who are in the last few wave)

*These all are only suggestions based on self experience. It varies.

The best feelings is when you finished the race together with your mates! The sense of achievement was so overwhelming! We were all in this together like one big family and had to work together to complete the challenge. At some point of the race when you felt that you could not finish the challenge, you might need some physical or mental boost to finish it off. The excitement when you finish off the challenge till the finishing line and eventually claim the finisher medal. This event definitely test our endurance and perseverance and it took so much commitment to conquer the ultimate test.This just proved that when we work as a united team, we can complete the impossible! This event also brought all of us much closer than before. We were so blessed to be able to participate this year and could not wait for the next run. Thank you Amadzing Viper Challenge 2014!

With great teamwork, we can achieve the impossible!

This event definitely one of the must attend event in Malaysia! Super duper Recommended! Big hats off to the amazing team of organizer and volunteer. They had put so much works and thoughts in this event! Perfectly executed.


That’s us, The Family from Nilai

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