Seliseh by Ismail Kamarul (VIDDSEE)

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HeLLoo Mello Peeepooos,

Recommendation of Short Film, again, and it is getting better!

Seliseh by Ismail Kamarul from Reservoir Production

Fun Fact : Seliseh simply means friction, disagreement. (Selisih in Malaysian language).

I first came to know about Reservoir Production after watching Guang by the inspiring young Malaysian Director, Quek Shio Chuan. They had plenty of inspiring short and commercials and you might have watched one of them too. Great job guys!

Seliseh is about two young Malaysians who lived back in the 1940s, decades before our independence day and where communities were split into race and culture. The racial tension was tense back then. However, these two young Chinese and Malay girl, learned to help each other when they both in trouble despite the language barrier. The way that the director convey his ideas and messages to the audience is simply amazing. Understanding and respect, two of the most simple moral value that we adult tend to forget. We should learn to understand and respect each other despite all of our differences. This is why I prefer short film produced by independent filmmaker rather than big screen movie because most of them are a reflection of our daily life, our culture and our story. We easily get connected. (P/S: I still love em big screen movie too yo!)

I really enjoyed this short film, especially with their cinematography works. I really hope Ismail Kamarul has something big coming up soon, a full length featured film maybe?

Please subscribe to their channel and share this video around. Links below! Check them out! They did tremendous work out there just to make this film for us and with no monetary gain intention. Just a pure, original and inspiring message to all dear Malaysians! Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

Watch it here!

The Making of Seliseh

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Last Day of School ( Inspirational Short Film by James Lee)

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Hello Mello Peepoos!

Wanna ‘drop’ another recommendation of short film, Last Day of School (爸我放学了) , directed by James Lee from Doghouse73 Pictures which starring uprising actress from Singapore,  Evon Chua and our very own famous local actor Mike Chuah. Let’s put our hands together for James Lee and his team for this well written short. *Clap Clap*

I believed this short film represents numbers of family, especially in Asia that struggled with keeping up with today’s fast paced world. Education fees sky-rocketed especially in the tertiary level. Hence, the rich get better education and vice versa. Baby Boomer generation worked so hard so that their children can have the very best of education which eventually will lead into a better future. Growing up in a middle-income family, I truly understood this as my dad puts his sweats and blood so that my siblings and I get better education. Thanks Dad! We love You! I hope one day, education will be free even for tertiary level.  I had been living in Singapore for a while now and level of expectation in education are very high. Kids as young as 7 years old went for multiple tuition classes after school hours. What do you think?

This short film/ads by NTUC Orange Income Aid  had moved many people. James Lee films never failed to put his audience at awe. Can’t wait for his next project. Anyway, if you have not watch the short, Watch it here.!Last-Day-of-School-爸我放学了/cdq1/55a520570cf25b8bf7e90acc

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Wind Chimes in a Bakery (Inspirational Short Film by Samsung Malaysia)

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Wind Chimes in a Bakery is a short film produced by Samsung Malaysia which was directed by Jang Jae Hyuk (Yes, Korean!) and story by Leo Burnett Malaysia. He brought those Korean dramas influences into this wonderful short film. I watched this short film about a month ago and I really enjoyed it. I finished the whole short series in one day! Starred by Koe Yeet, as Sue and Ahmad Nabil, as Adam with Awal Ashaari and Liyana Jasmay as special guest appearances. Two unique individuals from different cultural and background met each other through the aromas of red bean buns. What happen next? You have to watch the whole series! I found this short very inspiring and one thing that I truly learn from this is live your NOW fully!

Life has a funny way of giving us exactly what we want and take it away. As if it reminding you who in charge and all you can do is feel that life is unfair. Sometime you get so caught up with how glad things are that we forget how good they were, maybe how good it could be again?

That was one of the lines in the short series. I’ve repeatedly rewind that part over and over again just to write this phrase out and be truly understood of what it really meant. What I felt is that this serves us as a daily reminder to cherish every moment possible! Especially with people that we love like family and friends because great moments may not repeat itself again!.

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