Last Day of School ( Inspirational Short Film by James Lee)

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Hello Mello Peepoos!

Wanna ‘drop’ another recommendation of short film, Last Day of School (爸我放学了) , directed by James Lee from Doghouse73 Pictures which starring uprising actress from Singapore,  Evon Chua and our very own famous local actor Mike Chuah. Let’s put our hands together for James Lee and his team for this well written short. *Clap Clap*

I believed this short film represents numbers of family, especially in Asia that struggled with keeping up with today’s fast paced world. Education fees sky-rocketed especially in the tertiary level. Hence, the rich get better education and vice versa. Baby Boomer generation worked so hard so that their children can have the very best of education which eventually will lead into a better future. Growing up in a middle-income family, I truly understood this as my dad puts his sweats and blood so that my siblings and I get better education. Thanks Dad! We love You! I hope one day, education will be free even for tertiary level.  I had been living in Singapore for a while now and level of expectation in education are very high. Kids as young as 7 years old went for multiple tuition classes after school hours. What do you think?

This short film/ads by NTUC Orange Income Aid  had moved many people. James Lee films never failed to put his audience at awe. Can’t wait for his next project. Anyway, if you have not watch the short, Watch it here.!Last-Day-of-School-爸我放学了/cdq1/55a520570cf25b8bf7e90acc

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