SALAM MUSIK – My Favourite Band

Music', Salam Musik


Salam Musik have been around in Malaysia music industry for years now. They are well known for their hip hop/reggae/jazz music with injected vibrant positive vibes, poetic lyrics, and catchy music beats that made your feet giggling all the time. I was lucky enough to watch them playing live at 2013 Jinx music festival in Sarawak Culture Village. I had this little crush on the only Bunga (female) in the band, the beautiful Miss Eyza Bahra which eventually made me follow up with the band’s music. Today, I listened to Aku Pelat by Salam Musik from Youtube which featured in The Wknd channel that made me wanna blog about them.This song kept playing in my head all the time. I can’t stop dancing! Do check out their link below for some really good evening music to chill with during the weekend!

Salam Musik Facebook Page Here Official Website