Christmas In Kuching (Catscity December)

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       December had been such an amazing month for my family, friends and myself. December always resembled the month of love, joy and peace. It is the month where most people spend plenty of time with friends and family. It is the time of the year where Christmas present, Jingle Bells, Santa Clause, Churches, Carol, Christmas Tree and most importantly our Lord Jesus Christ put together. Presents, greeting cards and Christmas wishes from closest friends and family were overflowing my social feeds and my letter box. This year, I felt most joy when receiving texts from my long-lost friends. Time has flown. Finally get to meet my cousins after 6-7 years. They were still at my waist height the last time we met and now they are taller than me. Hobbit genes Lionel?! Nah..

        However, it had been a tough month for Malaysians after being stormed by the flash floods at the east coast and the Indonesia AirAsia incident. It would really make a much different if this happens in other foreign country, emotionally. It was a heart piercing news as we knew that this could happen to any one of us here. We might be flying on that route too. Experienced working with Sepang Aircraft Engineering and serving the AirAsia company for 6 months made me doubt about my resignation again. Is there anything that I can do to change this or at least contribute to a better aviation industry in our region. This catastrophic event certainly brought up the spirit of togetherness among Malaysians and our neighboring countries. Other than that, this proved to us that we may vanish from this lovely world in a split second. Hence, cherish every moment as much as possible, spent time with your loved ones and friends,  do what you had always wanted to do. be thankful, live life to the fullest each day, live as if today is our final day.

Since I had spent my Christmas month at my very own hometown, I’m going to share what to do when you are in Catscity during this time of the year.

  •  Christmas Parade – Joint Churches from all over Kuching parading from Padungan Area to Downtown.
  •  Various Christmas Carol at Shopping Malls – The Spring/ Boulevard/City One/Plaza Merdeka.
  • Christmas Mini Market – Located at various Shopping Malls – The Spring/Boulevard/City One/Plaza Merdeka.
  • Christmas 3D Arts – Located at Boulevard Shopping Mall.
  • Attend Christmas Eve Mass – There are many Christmas Eve services here in Kuching Churches (I would suggest Midnight Mass at Kuching St.Joseph Cathedral – Come earlier to secure seats for your elders and/or kids because it gonna get very crowded) /Fireworks display normally at The Spring Shopping Mall.
  • Hang Out –
  • Dinner – Most Recommended – Cafe Cafe / However, we normally had Christmas dinner at home and if you are alone, just hola me and we will ‘ohana’ you. Cheers!

Watch this simple short that I made during last December for the Christmas Parade. If you like it and would like to see more of it, please do click subscribe. Have a good day!!!