The Inspiring Filmaker – Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat, Inspiring Filmmaker, YouTube, Youtuber


I always made a living so I could make movies. I never made movies to try and make a living. If the reason why doing anything creative is to make a living, then your doing it wrong. You get into it because it’s a true passion, it’s something you really believe in, or don’t get into it at all.

Casey Neistat 

Not long ago,  I found out about Casey Neistat after Devin Graham posted a facebook post about him which featured in JacksGap Youtube channel. Then, I YouTubed Casey Neistat and found his version of ‘Draw My Life’. It was an amazing experience to virtually get to know Casey Neistat and his past. What he had gone through to be who he is today. There are many inspiring YouTuber/ Filmmaker out there and they are the reason that made me wanna push even further into this wonderful world. To name few of my favourite Youtuber, Devin Super Tramp, Wong Fu Productions, NigaHiga, FunForLouis, JinnyboyTv, DanKhoo Productions, TheMingThing, TheGrimFilm, The Doghouse Pictures, Night Owl Cinematic, Wah Banana, and Tree Potatoes. Okay. More than a few. Hahaha. These are my daily ‘Korean Drama’ dosage. Will blog more about each one of them soon.  Casey Neistat had gone some of the hardest time in life like leaving his only son to pursue his filmmaking career in New York and with limited equipments plus no YouTube Channel during his time. He was able to pull everything off and had become an inspiring Youtuber/Filmmaker all around. Thank You, Casey Neistat!

I could barely afford to eat, I didnt have anyway to stay, no education, few prospects and I thought no way it can get any harder than this , If I can figure out how to get through this, will be okay and so I did. I commit everything to New York City and to my dream.

Casey Neistat