No Plan B by Thrivor

Cancer, Justin McLean, Thrivor


What if there is no plan b for us? There’s only one option we have to choose from? Thrivor is a cancer-based organisation that aim to put the patient’s interests and needs at the heart of every decision made during their journey from diagnosis to completion which founded by a former Australian cyclist and cancer patient, Justin McLean.  After watching this short video, immediately it raised health awareness in me. What if it happen to me? Do I have other options? Do watch his journey of fighting cancer here. You will be amazed at his persistence in fighting cancer and thriving in the end. Think you have a backup plan? Think again.

Our life is so much about plan B, plan C & plan D particularly in western world where we have readjusted plan and readjusted plan. I just thought in over a million years of existence, I got this forty years window or eighty years window to have a crack at something. So no plan B for me was about all of your chips on the table been putting to beat cancer. It just didn’t felt right to be call a survivor, instead of survivorship, I want thrivorship. Thrivorship is not word, is a mindset, it’s an approach, it is an experience people should be entitled to. 

Justin McLean

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