Turning 26 years old yesterday and it felt like turning 36. A decade older. Spent the whole day editing my first short documentary right after breakfast with my brother. I had the whole co-working space area to myself. There were only one or two individuals and we barely had any eye contacts.

Saturday evening mass and a dinner with family was perfect that evening.

It was all good. Family ❤️

However, I was not really feeling it and I knew I shouldn’t feel this way.

I wondered who really remember my birthday without Facebook notifications.

Who really looking forward to celebrate my birthday?

Who willingly to spend some thoughts in sending me a birthday text?

For once in life, I wanted to feel important.

At least now, I knew how much I’m worth to people that I know.

It’s time for MORE self-love.


Midnight Thoughts


Midnight Thoughts

  • When should you trust your guts? Can they be 100% right? If not, why did I feel what I felt? What is it?
  • When should you acknowledging your feelings? Only when you are happy? And not when you are sad, angry or upset?
  • When should you express yourself? Say whatever comes to mind and heart without over-analyzing it?


Thoughts and feelings when bottled up. Is it going to be concentrated or will it fade into history?





Phase Two – The Breakdown & Realisation

Start-Up Thoughts

Last couple weeks had been superbly interesting. January 2018 well spent! I went to a weekend acting workshop called Method & Madness, hosted by Vera Chok & Dominic Murphy, an actress & a filmmaker.

I wished I could share this workshop experiences with people who struggling with anxiety or introverts that are facing difficulty to express themselves. All these unique exercises helped us to express ourselves more truthfully and be present. Started with a meditation session that put busyness in life and constant thoughts away and eventually checking in with our presence self. Balloon & singing exercises that triggered our playfulness. Rotational story telling session that did not care how much do you know about the story. It simply just want you to have fun with your wild imagination. Getting into fictional characters and played certain traits definitely forced us to act in certain ways that beyond our true characters. Some exercises helped us getting in touch with our emotions, getting around it as well as acknowledging what thoughts or history behind the emotions. Basically, the switch that would stimulate your happiness and vice versa. Some mindful, body movement and chanting exercises that brought our bodily senses to life. Your body felt the temperature changes, even slightly. The experiences were truly overwhelming!

So glad that I attended this workshop as I can practice some of the exercises in my daily routine. Speak my mind and be presence.


I went to Tioman Surfestival 2018 to film a short documentary (The Making of Tioman Surfestival 2018) about the founder, Hisham Uyub and how they started the surf scene in Tioman Island.

Kris came to helped me out. Met bunch of cool people there, Bahzi (Surf Photographer / Filmmaker from Brunei), Mo (Rip Curl) and many other influential people and start-up founder who had being part of the project for many years. Chatting with these people was so fun and they gave many insight about starting up a company and about life in general.

I was so impressed with how all this community came together and support each other. Despite everyone differences in characters, skills & specialty , they came and work along each other very well. The community spirit is so strong that everyone treat each other like a family member. Everyone has the same vision, to build up their community, create opportunities for their younger generation and improve local economy.

Every night always filled with reggae party and beers which eventually leads to that long deep talks & laughters. Created a memories that would last a lifetime. This is where I fell in love with reggae music and their cultures.

Surfers & Reggae. Beers & Dance. Sun & Fun.  Calm & Chills.

I came back, feeling so fulfilled and happy.

I said to myself  ‘I finally can say that I love my job’

If I could do something without looking at time, I could film all day long as long my camera not overheating.

I glad that my questions was answered and reconfirmed.

The reason that I love documentary filmmaking so much is that every project that I work is different. I had met many people through filmmaking. Getting to know them personally, their stories, their visions & their life principles is what keep me going. I found many individuals had fascinating stories about their life and I want to help them to tell their stories.

Being so introverted

There were times where I tried to be talkative and friendly. Reaching out to strangers which I believed many times it came out awkward.

Coming back to Kuching, feeling so inspired.

I would love to relive the same kind of spirit of community, happiness & joy. I felt so content that I wanted to share my experiences with people that close to me and hopefully they will be impacted.

Unfortunely, it was so quickly drowned by people that I am surrounded myself with.

So many times, I had been demotivated, look down and belittled because of I wanted to chase if life, what I believe in and what I planned to do.


It was very hurtful when it came from people that who are close to you.

I am disappointed, angry & sad.


‘Get a real job!, Go back to Singapore and work, stop wasting your time!, Still spending your parents money ah, Can you do it for free, Give you compensation lah, Help me do for free, You are the most free liao, How much you earn? How you can get credit cards with this job, Lionel can meh, this is a career?!’

Comments like this is what broke me especially when it came out from people that you trust and close to you.

Many started to treat you like a joke, showing fake empathy and disrespect your dream.

This is what I felt personally since starting out to build a filmmaking company.

I want nothing from you but a RESPECT of what I wanted to do with my life.

To a couple of wonderful friends who truly understand me

Always gave me words of encouragement & believe in me. Thank you!

I’m delighted to faced this struggle now as it definitely helped me build my character & understand people better.

I need to take myself more seriously and dream even bigger!

Dreammuch Visuals may started of as a filmmaking company. I believe in 3- 5 years to come,  we are going to expand and grow as influential brands.

Writing this all out now is the only way that I could share my current thoughts.

Letting it all out.

One day, I hope this notes will help those who need it and realise that they are not alone.



Keep Going,

Lionel Benang


Phase One – The Struggle


Diving into this creative content making career is a lot tougher than I thought.

Struggling mentally and financially. And also physically, I think. Honestly, it felt like back to square one. Starting from zero.

Being a travel and adventure video content creator seems like a lot of fun and cool. Yes. The coolest person in the room. Maybe. That is exactly what I thought. But being cool just ain’t sustainable.

Being able to create video content is not enough. First, I will need to go out and produce content consistently to keep up with the rising competition on social media. I’ve lost the drive and passion just to go out and make videos anymore. There are so many people out there make videos now. What make mine different? Secondly, networking and building audiences is a huge struggle. Having hard time attending business networking session and approaching potential clients and tell them, Hey I Make Video. I make cool video. Do you want one? Something like that. Being in this industry with very little network and each time when I was introduced to new community, I had trouble making new contact and sustain them. Lastly, the business part of it, learning from what Parker taught online certainly not enough. I need to localise my filmmaking business. Every time I approached them with my proposal, it always seems way too expensive for them and they will always asked for the lowest price available. This is kinda heartbreaking cause it felt like my content was not good enough. I would rather do it for free than giving it out at a price which is not proportional to the work done.

I have more bad days now since I’ve started this journey into filmmaking. Many times, I woken up clueless, had zero idea what I wanted to do. Most of the time, I felt lost and alone. I wished I would be able to talk to someone who would understand the struggle and the journey.

This stress probably the sign of growing up.

The remedy that I use for now normally listening to Lewis Homes podcast, going to the gym and hang out with my family and best friends.

Someday, I hope I would be able to read this back and understand the struggle from different perspective.

I’ll need to learn to keep this journey financially sustainable and start create assets along the way.


Learn to trust the process’

Keep Going,

Lionel Benang

Lombok Travel Guide

Indonesia, Travel, Travel Guide

Where to go in Lombok, Indonesia

1. Sengigi Beach


Sengigi Beach 


Perfect Sunset Spot 

  • Sengigi Beach has one of best sunset viewpoint in Lombok.
  • About an hour rides from the Lombok Airport.
  • Arts market located at the vicinity of Sengigi Beach. Great place to shop for souvenir .
  • Highly recommended to stay at Puri Bunga Beach Cottages. Amazing view!
  • Roadside Food Vendor
  • Happy Café (Live Band Cafe during the night)
  • Asmara Restaurant – delicious Indonesian cuisine

2. Tiu Kelep & Sedang Gile Waterfall


Tiu Kelep Waterfall 


Tiu Kelep Waterfall 

  • About 2 – 2.5 hours ride from Sengigi Beach
  • Guide (Not necessary). Be careful if the local kept insisting that you will be needing a guide for the trek.  The trek to the waterfall is pretty obvious and you just have to follow it.
  • First waterfall (Sendang Gile) 5 minutes hike
  • 2nd Waterfall (Tiu Kelep) 20 minutes hike. (The huge one)
  • Entrance fee should cost around (INR 10,000 / USD 0.70 / MYR 3)
  • Normally spend around 2-3 hours here.

3. Kuta Beach


Michelle & Vera






Local surfers 


One of my favorite shot here in Lombok 

  • Normally known as surf beach among the local surfer here.
  • Reggae Bar
  • Visit Pantai Seger (5 – 10 minutes drive from Kuta Beach)
  • Small fee to be paid to the local upon entrance.

Aerial shot of the Pantai Seger




Aerial view of Pantai Seger. 



Kenny‘s friend that brought us around. 

4. Tanjung Aan Beach


Vera & Michelle at Tanjung Aan


The Swing 

  • Amazing beach view
  • Boat ride to Batu Payung available here.
  • Family friendly beach
  • Local snacks stall available.

5. Sasak Village (ENDE)



Traditional House 


Local stick fighting performance by the locals. 


Local crafts

  • Local villages open for visitor
  • Pay as you want (donation to the villagers) and also comes with a local guide.
  • Visit their traditional houses.
  • Souvenir shopping
  • Local fighting performances

6. Sambelia Tree Forest


  • Giant ancient trees
  • Small fee required upon entrance.
  • Skippable if you have tight schedule.
  • About 3 – 4 hours drive from Sengigi Beach.

7. Gili Terawangan Beach


Sunset at Gili Terawangan 


Michelle with the swing 


Perfect sunset spot 


Love this shot 




That Sun peaking 


Our villa acoomodation 


Local Vegan Cafe in Gili Terawangan 



  • About 30 minutes boat ride (local boat) from the jetty. (About IDR 150,000 / USD 11 / MYR 45 including pick up from hotel)
  • Private boats around 10 minutes.
  • Gili Terawangan known as the party island and tons of scuba diving shops and restaurants.
  • Do rent bicycle to get around the island or hop onto the pony carts. (Around IDR 50,000 / USD 3.50 / MYR 15 per day)
  • Night life at Gili Terawangan is spectacular from party bars to reggae music.
  • There are plenty of boat tour around so make sure you compared the prices.
  • Sunset Swing (Ombak Sunset) one of the famous swing that you see on Instagram.
  • There are viewpoint on top of the hill.
  • Do spend around 2-3 days here.
  • Bear in mind that it can get pretty crowded on the island.



Aerial View of the Island 


Other places to visit

  1. Sembalun Highlands (About 1 – 1.5 hours hike and paddy field aerial viewpoint)
  2. Selong Belanak Beach (Surf Beach & Yoga Class)
  3.  Mawi & Mavun Beach (About an hour drive from Kuta)
  4. Pink Beach 

Extra Tips

  • Lombok is a huge island so make sure you have your main destination in mind and plan your travel well.
  • Would highly recommend to stay in Lombok for at least a week to get full experience of Lombok.
  • Rent a car or motorbike is the best way to get around.
  • Check out our travel vlog here Lombok Travel Guide

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Surabaya Quick Travel Guide

Indonesia, Travel, Travel Guide

Where to go in Surabaya, Indonesia

1. Mount Bromo


Michelle & Vera


That’s Vera 


Making their way to Mt.Bromo 


The Iconic Postcard Photo (This is not Mt Bromo though) 


Michelle looks sleepy there


Mount Bromo


Wear mask to prevent inhaling too much of the gas


That morning ride 


Crowded with people 


Sunrise View 

  • Sunrise in Mt. Bromo viewpoint is very popular with tourists.
  • Book early with your guide for the jeep ride or ride with GoJek (Local Bike Sharing)
  • It can get very crowded at the viewing point so do go early and find your perfect spot. (Highly suggested to ask your guide bring you to other spot for sunrise)
  • Mt. Bromo located far away from Surabaya Airport so make sure you arrive one day earlier.
  • Normally trip to Mount Bromo is a guided tour and they will bring you to few attractions around Mount Bromo.
  • They will drop you off at the parking area and gotta walk about 20 minutes to Mount Bromo.
  • There’s temple located at the middle of pathway to Mt. Bromo.

2. Teletubies Hill


Teletubies Hill 


New member of the Teletubies squad


Good Times! 

  • After visiting Mt.Bromo, we were brought to the Teletubies Hill.
  • Beautiful green mountainaoeus scenery
  • Horse Riding Available

3. Lautan Pasir (Sea of Sands)


Jumpshot 1 


Jumpshot 2 


Jumpshot 3? 


The Gang Lair

  • Vast land of dark sands, locally known as Lautan Pasir (Sea of Sands) 
  • Perfect spot to get your Instagram picture with the iconic hill.

4. Colorful Village (Malang, Surabaya)


Rainbow Town 


So colorful 



Amazing arts 

  •  A small village located at Malang, Surabaya.
  • Rainbow colored house and townhouse.
  • Entry fee required

Extra Tips

  • Surabaya has a lot to offer so make sure you spend more than 3 days here.
  • If you have more time to spare do visit the famous waterfall and Mount Ijen.
  • Indonesian cuisine is a musts try although it can be extremely spicy.
  • We booked our trip through  Javanation Trip Organizer.
  • Our trip cost around IDR 975,000 / USD 68 / MYR 294 per person.
  • Very reliable guides and friendly. Highly recommended.
  • They know the places well and can bring you to eat awesome local food.
  • Check out our travel vlog here Surabaya & Lombok Travel Blog

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Jodhpur Travel Guide

India, Travel

Where to go in Jodhpur

1. Clock Tower Market


Clock Tower Market


Riding his bike


Textile Shopping

  • Located at the heart of Jodhpur
  • Free Entry
  • Local wet market and shopping districts
  • Textile and jewelry shopping

2.  Mehrangarh Fort


Mehrangarh Fort (Hogwarts in real life)


Almost there


It comes with audio tour


Turban Museum


Opium Ceremony


Local performances


Aerial Tours Available

  • Open daily (9am – 5pm)
  • Entrance fee (600 Rupees / USD 9.30 / MYR 38 )
  • Entrance fee including an audio guide
  • If you’re a student, do bring along your student ID because it is cheaper.
  • Follow the audio guide to explore the fort (Normally around 1.5 – 2 Hrs)
  • Can hire a Tuk Tuk / taxi to get here or walk through the local villages about 10 minutes to get here.
  • Souvenir shops available towards the end of the tour
  • Opium Ceremony
  • Best description for this place is it look exactly like Hogwarts.

3. Jaswant Thada (White Temple)


Jaswant Thada (White Temple)


Local guard playing their traditional instrument

  • Open daily from 9am – 5pm
  • Entrance fee is 30 rupees / USD 0.50 / MYR 2
  • Walking distances from Mehrangarh Fort.
  • If you’re going to take a Tuk Tuk / taxi to the fort, make sure you visit this place.



Stepwell in Jodhpur 


Local spent their evening having fun here


One of mine favorite shot


Happy kids


They jump at least 5 storeys high


Leap of faith


Chill in well

  • Free entry.
  • Walking distances from the Stepwell House Cafe.
  • Go in the evening when it is more crowded with local.
  • They will dive and perform some stunts to entertain you .
  • Check out our travel vlog if you are interested to watch them jump.

What To Eat in Jodhpur

1. The Omelette Cafe


The chefs and his eggs


Other services they offer beside making you an omelette

  • Located close to the Clock Tower Market
  • Seats are limited
  • Highly recommended
  • Try more than one type of omelette and you’ll be amazed

2. Cafe Royale


Cafe Royale 

  • No.1 in Trip Advisor lists.
  • Great snacks food & coffee options.
  • Located in the vicinity of the Clock Tower Market.
  • Run by local Indian family.
  • Super friendly and informative
  • Highly recommended this cafe

3. Stepwell House Cafe


Comfy interior 


Great view

  • Located right at the step well.
  • Great views
  • Comfy ambience
  • Food was just okay but great place for chilling and watching people dive into the well.

The blue city, Jodhpur


People of Jodhpur


All blue 


We even stay at this old all blue backpacker lodge. 


Last day in Jodhpur


Check out your name on the train list before you board 


Can you spot ours 


Inside of the train 


Moustaches is a thing for men here. That’s me trying to blend in. 

Extra Tips

  • If you have extra time here in Jodhpur, do visit the village safari
  • Mehrangarh fort is can be reach by walking from the city
  • Mehrangarh fort and Jaswant Thada are close to each other so do not let them charge higher.
  • Cafe Royale and Omelette Cafe are not to be missed.
  • Cafe Royale owners are very lovely people so do chat with them and they will be very delightful to spare you their thoughts.
  • Do watch our travel vlog here Jodhpur City Guide



Udaipur Travel Guide


Where to visit in Udaipur



Entrance of The City Palace


Got to love the archictecture


View of the city.




I would love to stay at this palace


People who built these are amazing artists.


Palace by the lake


This palace is massive


Udaipur City Palace


Udaipur City Palace at night

  • Located at the heart of Udaipur and by the Lake Pichola.
  • Entrance Fee is 200 Rupees / USD 3 / MYR 13
  • Open daily (9.30am – 5.30pm)
  • In House Museum
  • Normally spent around 1.5 hours here.
  • Do explore outside of the palace and there are restaurant and boat services to visit other attractions.
  • Separate fee is required if you wished to explore the waterfront part of the palace.



Jag Mandir

  • Island Palace
  • Located at Lake Pichola
  • Reach through Bansi Ghat Jetty.
  • Entrance Fee – per hour boat ride (350 Rupees / USD 5.5 / MYR 22)
  • Private boats & cruises available.
  • Fun Fact – Katy Perry got married at this palace.



  • Used to be a floating palace and now it is luxury hotel.
  • Located at Lake Pichola
  • Visiting guests have to take a boat-ride provided by the hotel staff to reach the Lake Palace from the banks of Lake Pichola.
  • Five Star Hotel, Restaurant & Vintage Car Museum



Ek Ling Nath Ti Temple

  • Free Entry
  • You can make a donation to the temple fund / local charity fund.
  • Located at the heart of Udaipur and walking distance to Udaipur City Palace.

Local art and craft shop located within the temple


Make sure you visit them and check out their craft. So much details that you will be amazed at how talented the local artists was.



View of the Monsoon Palace from Zostel during Sunset.


The Monsoon Palace


People of Udaipur. 

  • Open Daily (8am – 6pm)
  • Entry Fee (80 Rupees /  USD 1.20  / MYR 5 )
  • Located at the hilltop (Can be seen from Udaipur town)
  • About 20 minutes ride from Udaipur.  (About 12KM from Udaipur)
  • Hire a tuk tuk / taxi or even rent a motorbike to go around.
  • Not for beginner motorcycle rider
  • Zig zag uphill ride
  • Many naughty wild monkeys around so be careful with your snacks.
  • In-house restaurant / cafe

Other Attractions in Udaipur

  1. Lake Fatehsagar
  2. Lake Pichola
  3. Saheliyo Ki Bari Garden
  4. Bagore Ki Haveli Museum 
  5. Khumbhalgarh Fort

Where to stay in Udaipur


Zostel Rooftop View During Sunset


Udaipur Bus Schedule (Can do pre-booking with them) 


They had a pug. 


View from Zostel


We had Thali again at a local cafe (Check out the first one on Trip Advisor)

  • We stay at Zostel again here in Udaipur.
  • It located close to the Lake Pichola and by the hillside.
  • They had amazing rooftop dining area and are perfect for sunset view of Udaipur City and Monsoon Palace.
  • They had common room full of board games, books and a pool table.
  • If you love doggie, you will love this place.



Apparently they had all these very vibrant colorful door knob for sale near the palace.


Take a dip


I got my hair cut here 


If you’re riding a bike here, watch out for these donkeys


More donkeys 

Extra Tips

  1. Check out the amazing craftsmanship nearby the temple.
  2. Highly recommended to stay in Zostel. (Affordable and amazing sunset views)
  3. Uber services available here
  4. Check out the lakeside and you’ll find bunch of local swimming around.
  5. Bike rent normally would cost around 500 Rupees / USD 8 / MYR 33 per day.
  6. Try Laal Maas (Local Specialty)
  7. Spend about at least 2 days here
  8. Check out our travel vlog here Udaipur Travel Guide




Jaipur (The Pink City) Travel Guide

India, Travel

Getting there

  • Jaipur city is accessible by trains and buses from other part of India.
  • Do check out the train schedule on Clear Trip Apps
  • Do plan and purchase your train ticket in advance.
  • Uber services available.
  • Metro railway available in Jaipur, so hop on!

Jaipur Railway Station

Where to go in Jaipur City



Haha Mahal (Palace of Winds) 


Interior of Hawa Mahal


Climb all the way up for this view. 

  • Open Daily (From 9am to 4.30pm)
  • Entrance fees for foreigner (200 Rupees / USD 3 / MYR 13)
  • If you are a student, bring along your student card (Cheaper fee)
  • Do explore inside out of Hawa Mahal and you will be amazed.
  • Climb all the way up for the view. (Bird eye view of Jaipur City)
  • Local guide available for hire.
  • If you would like to take the shot of Hawa Mahal building, visit theopposite cafe on the third floor and they have a rooftop there where you can take your shot of Hawa Mahal during sunset.
  • Walking distances to Jantar Mantar & City Palace.
  • In house museum.



Amber Fort 

  • Open Daily (8am – 6pm)
  • Entrance Fee (500 Rupees / USD 8 / MYR 32)
  • Light show available from 7pm – 9pm.
  • Duration for visiting Amber Fort normally around 2 hours because it is freaking massive.





Located at the village after Amber Fort

  • Free Entry
  • If you would like to take picture at the staircase of the step well, the security guard would ask for some tips. (Negotiable)
  • We did not take any because we cheapskate. Budget backpackers you know.
  • Instagram-worthy photoshoot right at this place.



Jaigarh Fort


View from Jaigarh Fort. 


Massive Fort 


Take Instagram-Worthy Photo Here 

  • Open Daily (8am – 4.30pm)
  • Entrance Fee (85 Rupees / USD 1.30 / MYR 5)
  • Hire a Tuk Tuk or Taxi to get here (Normally less than 500 rupees)
  • Uber services not available at this area. (We tried)
  • Normally combined day trip with Nahargarh Fort & Amber Fort because all these forts located nearby.)
  • Explore around 1.5 – 2 hours here. This fort is huge! You will be amazed!
  • Do inform your driver to wait for at least 1.5 hours or else they will charge you extra. ( P/S : We had so much fun exploring that we forgotten that we agreed with our driver for just an hour here and he asked for extra pay.)



Amazing Architecture 


Classic Window 


Aerial View of Jaipur City 

  • Open Daily (8am – 4.30pm)
  • Entrance fees for foreigner (200 Rupees / USD 3 / MYR 13)
  • If you are a student, bring along your student card (Cheaper fee)
  • Hire a Tuk Tuk or Taxi to get here (Normally less than 500 rupees)
  • Uber services not available at this area. (We tried)
  • Normally combined day trip with Nahargarh Fort & Amber Fort because all these forts located nearby.)
  • Explore around 1.5 – 2 hours here.
  • Wax museum open for visitor (Separate Ticket Fee)
  • In house restaurant.
  • Check out their Bawri (Step well) .



  • Not accessible
  • Free to view from the waterfronts
  • Used to be a palace but then abandoned till now.
  • Located at middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur City
  • About 15 – 20 minutes drive from Jaipur City depending on the traffic.
  • Do ask your driver to stop along the waterfronts if you are heading towards Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort or Amber Fort.



They served sweets, snacks and local food. 



  • Serve all kind of desserts, snacks and food.
  • Located at the heart of City Palace.
  • Local recommended.



Pink Square Mall

  • Legit shopping mall in Jaipur City equipped with supermarket, restaurant and cinema.
  • Do you groceries shopping here.
  • Escape from the heat if you have to.
  • If you would like to enjoy local ambience cinema with a short pee-break in between the movies and have your food deliver to you directly. Experience that here.

9. NIBS Cafe (Chocolate Heaven)


Hipster Cafe


Chocolate Pizza! Yes! It is! 

  • My favorite cafe so far in India.
  • Uber your way here as I do not know the public transport to get here.
  • Find them of TripAdvsior.
  • Try their chocolate pizza and chocolate shots! You have been warned!
  • Fast Internet Speed.

Buying Bus Ticket in Jaipur


This is the ticket counter (Near to the Jaipur Railway Station


Two Pax Sleeper


Sleeper Bus by Rishabh Travel 

  • In addition to train, you can also travel around India by bus.
  • This probably not as comfortable as train AC sleeper and may take longer time to reach your destination but it offer you an affordable budget.
  • We were recommended by Zostel staff to buy our ticket from this travel agent.
  • Highly recommended.
  • We bought our bus ticket to Udaipur from Jaipur for 550 Rupees / USD 8.5 / MYR 35.
  • It was an overnight bus and it took around 6 hours.

Other Places To Visit

  1. The Pink City Palace & Bazaar
  2. Jantar Mantar (Observatory)
  3. Royal Albert Museum
  4. Sun Temple (For Sunset Location)
  5. Niro’s Restaurant (Famous for Lal Maas)

Jaipur City Palace


Local Vendor in Jaipur 


People of Jaipur

Extra Tips

  1. Always bargain 70%-80% less for the gifts / items that you want to buy.
  2. Always bargain or negotiate with the Tuk Tuk / taxi driver for your trip here because you can visit few places in one day.
  3. Jaipur city is a shopping heaven. Do all souvenirs shopping here from textile to bangles. They offer tons of affordable and colorful gifts here.
  4. Do get a tourist composite tickets if you plan to visit more than one site. (Multiple monuments entry tickets for the price of one)
  5. Spend at least 2 full days here to get a full experience of The Pink City.
  6. For accommodation, highly recommended Zostel or Panda Backpackers.  Check them out in Trip Advisor or 
  7. Watch our travel vlog here Jaipur Travel Guide


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Taj Mahal Quick Guide

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Getting There

  • Taj Mahal located in Agra, India.
  • About 2 hours train ride from New Delhi.
  • Train scheduled daily to Agra at 7am.
  • Purchase your train ticket at the Tourist Ticket Counter at least a day before.
  • Check availability of train ticket and cost on Clear Trip apps.
  • If you’re on tight schedule, visiting Taj Mahal can be done on day trip.
  • Check out our travel vlog here Taj Mahal Travel Guide



Complimentary breakfast on train.


Agra Cantt Railway Station


Tuk Tuk Price List (Location Based)

  • There are plenty of taxis & Tuk Tuk available at the railway station.
  • Remember to discuss about the cost first before agreeing to ride with them.
  • They may ask for extra during your trip so do double check on your hotel or hostel location on Google map. ( P/S : They asked for extra rupees from us because our hotel kinda far away from agreed location.)
  • Normally they will offer you their tour services along the way so make sure you know the approximate tour price range and find the right match for you.

How To Buy Taj Mahal Entrance Ticket 


Ticket Counter (From Western Gate) 


Sunrise & Sunset Schedule (Opening Time For Visitor)


Do & Don’t during your visit to Taj Mahal

  • Ticket Cost (1000 Rupees / USD 16 / RM 64)
  • If you are a student, do bring along your student card. (Cheaper)
  • Open from sunrise till sunset.
  • Best visiting time is during sunrise or sunset (Catch the Golden Hours)
  • There are three available ticket counter (Taj Mahal Western Gate, Taj Mahal Southern Gate & Taj Mahal Eastern Gate)
  • If you would like to buy your ticket in advance, purchase it online here Taj Mahal Online Ticket
  • If you love to visit Taj Mahal with a lot less crowd, visit Taj Mahal during sunrise in the summer. ( P/S, do bear in mind that it may get very warm & hot and Taj Mahal Building probably will go on maintenance.)
  • Photography & videography is not allowed inside the Taj Mahal monument.
  • Large tripods & stabilizers are not allowed as well unless with a film permit.
  • Night tour for Taj Mahal is normally available during the full moon period. Do check out their timetable here Night View at Taj Mahal
  • Guide is available for hire around USD 5. 
  • There are plenty souvenirs & gifts shop available right outside Taj Mahal.

The Western Gate 


Taj Mahal During Sunrise 


Closer look at the western gate. 


Mihman Khana (Guesthouse) 


Taj Mahal Balcony 


Taj Mahal 


Taj Mahal During Sunrise 


Street around Agra Town. 


Local marketplace in Agra


Local Thali at Good Vibes Cafe

Extra Tips 

  1. Always bargain about 70%-80% less for the gifts / items that you want.
  2. Do a proper research about the place to avoid potential scams and touts.
  3. Do screenshot the destination or map of the destination that you are about to visit.
  4. Do visit Agra Fort as well. (We skipped that due to budget) but it is huge.
  5. I would highly recommend to stay at Zostel again if you are on a budget.
  6. For food, go for Good Vibes Cafe, they can customize your meal to your preferences. (We asked for something that off menu, American Chopsuey, and it is superb!)

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