Phase One – The Struggle


Diving into this creative content making career is a lot tougher than I thought.

Struggling mentally and financially. And also physically, I think. Honestly, it felt like back to square one. Starting from zero.

Being a travel and adventure video content creator seems like a lot of fun and cool. Yes. The coolest person in the room. Maybe. That is exactly what I thought. But being cool just ain’t sustainable.

Being able to create video content is not enough. First, I will need to go out and produce content consistently to keep up with the rising competition on social media. I’ve lost the drive and passion just to go out and make videos anymore. There are so many people out there make videos now. What make mine different? Secondly, networking and building audiences is a huge struggle. Having hard time attending business networking session and approaching potential clients and tell them, Hey I Make Video. I make cool video. Do you want one? Something like that. Being in this industry with very little network and each time when I was introduced to new community, I had trouble making new contact and sustain them. Lastly, the business part of it, learning from what Parker taught online certainly not enough. I need to localise my filmmaking business. Every time I approached them with my proposal, it always seems way too expensive for them and they will always asked for the lowest price available. This is kinda heartbreaking cause it felt like my content was not good enough. I would rather do it for free than giving it out at a price which is not proportional to the work done.

I have more bad days now since I’ve started this journey into filmmaking. Many times, I woken up clueless, had zero idea what I wanted to do. Most of the time, I felt lost and alone. I wished I would be able to talk to someone who would understand the struggle and the journey.

This stress probably the sign of growing up.

The remedy that I use for now normally listening to Lewis Homes podcast, going to the gym and hang out with my family and best friends.

Someday, I hope I would be able to read this back and understand the struggle from different perspective.

I’ll need to learn to keep this journey financially sustainable and start create assets along the way.


Learn to trust the process’

Keep Going,

Lionel Benang

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