Udaipur Travel Guide


Where to visit in Udaipur



Entrance of The City Palace


Got to love the archictecture


View of the city.




I would love to stay at this palace


People who built these are amazing artists.


Palace by the lake


This palace is massive


Udaipur City Palace


Udaipur City Palace at night

  • Located at the heart of Udaipur and by the Lake Pichola.
  • Entrance Fee is 200 Rupees / USD 3 / MYR 13
  • Open daily (9.30am – 5.30pm)
  • In House Museum
  • Normally spent around 1.5 hours here.
  • Do explore outside of the palace and there are restaurant and boat services to visit other attractions.
  • Separate fee is required if you wished to explore the waterfront part of the palace.



Jag Mandir

  • Island Palace
  • Located at Lake Pichola
  • Reach through Bansi Ghat Jetty.
  • Entrance Fee – per hour boat ride (350 Rupees / USD 5.5 / MYR 22)
  • Private boats & cruises available.
  • Fun Fact – Katy Perry got married at this palace.



  • Used to be a floating palace and now it is luxury hotel.
  • Located at Lake Pichola
  • Visiting guests have to take a boat-ride provided by the hotel staff to reach the Lake Palace from the banks of Lake Pichola.
  • Five Star Hotel, Restaurant & Vintage Car Museum



Ek Ling Nath Ti Temple

  • Free Entry
  • You can make a donation to the temple fund / local charity fund.
  • Located at the heart of Udaipur and walking distance to Udaipur City Palace.

Local art and craft shop located within the temple


Make sure you visit them and check out their craft. So much details that you will be amazed at how talented the local artists was.



View of the Monsoon Palace from Zostel during Sunset.


The Monsoon Palace


People of Udaipur. 

  • Open Daily (8am – 6pm)
  • Entry Fee (80 Rupees /  USD 1.20  / MYR 5 )
  • Located at the hilltop (Can be seen from Udaipur town)
  • About 20 minutes ride from Udaipur.  (About 12KM from Udaipur)
  • Hire a tuk tuk / taxi or even rent a motorbike to go around.
  • Not for beginner motorcycle rider
  • Zig zag uphill ride
  • Many naughty wild monkeys around so be careful with your snacks.
  • In-house restaurant / cafe

Other Attractions in Udaipur

  1. Lake Fatehsagar
  2. Lake Pichola
  3. Saheliyo Ki Bari Garden
  4. Bagore Ki Haveli Museum 
  5. Khumbhalgarh Fort

Where to stay in Udaipur


Zostel Rooftop View During Sunset


Udaipur Bus Schedule (Can do pre-booking with them) 


They had a pug. 


View from Zostel


We had Thali again at a local cafe (Check out the first one on Trip Advisor)

  • We stay at Zostel again here in Udaipur.
  • It located close to the Lake Pichola and by the hillside.
  • They had amazing rooftop dining area and are perfect for sunset view of Udaipur City and Monsoon Palace.
  • They had common room full of board games, books and a pool table.
  • If you love doggie, you will love this place.



Apparently they had all these very vibrant colorful door knob for sale near the palace.


Take a dip


I got my hair cut here 


If you’re riding a bike here, watch out for these donkeys


More donkeys 

Extra Tips

  1. Check out the amazing craftsmanship nearby the temple.
  2. Highly recommended to stay in Zostel. (Affordable and amazing sunset views)
  3. Uber services available here
  4. Check out the lakeside and you’ll find bunch of local swimming around.
  5. Bike rent normally would cost around 500 Rupees / USD 8 / MYR 33 per day.
  6. Try Laal Maas (Local Specialty)
  7. Spend about at least 2 days here
  8. Check out our travel vlog here Udaipur Travel Guide




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