Amazing Laos (Part 3)

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Luang Prabang

Our final destination in Laos was Luang Prabang. A very laid back town which used to be the capital of Laos. Rich with buddhism culture and it is very common to see monks here.

Check out our Luang Prabang video here Luang Prabang

Ban Xang Hai (Whiskey Village)

  • About 45 minutes bike ride from Luang Prabang.
  • Bike rent cost around 100,000 Kip (USD 12 / MYR 54).
  • You could take a slow boat tour from Luang Prabang.
  • Villagers normally sell local made silk, home made alcohol (Lao Lao) and various alcohol medicine with snakes, lizards and scorpions in it.
  • You can easily Waze (GPS Apps) yourself here.

Aerial View of Ban Xiang Hai Village (Whiskey Village) 


Mekong River 


Kid from the village. 


Slow Boat



Elephant Sanctuary

  • Take another 15 minutes ride up north from the village, you will find an Elephant Sanctuary.
  • We plan to visit it at first but then we came across few elephants with their caretaker while on our way.
  • They allowed us to take picture with them and have a closer look at the elephant.
  • Basically, we get to see these elephants for free.
  • Elephant Sanctuary Tour would cost a lot here in Luang Prabang depends on your activties. The price can go up to USD150 per person.

Road to Elephant Sanctuary. 


Khun, the elephant. 




Mount Phousi

  • People normally come here for sunset & sunrise view.
  • It cost 20,000 Kip (USD 2.50 / MYR 10) for the entrance fee.
  • Do come early if you want to have good sunset view spot.
  • Normally it will get crowded during sunset.

Golden Wat Phousi


Instagrammable Spot. 


Sunset View 

Ban Xang Khong (Crafts Centre)

  • About 20 minutes ride from Luang Prabang.
  • Entrance is free.
  • You could go behind the handicraft shop and witness various local craft handmade by these talented Laotian.

Paper Making (Handmade) 


Different type of silk. 

Kuang Si Waterfall

  • About an hour bike journey to this amazing waterfall.
  • Cost 20,000 Kip for entrance (USD 2.50 / MYR 10).
  • The Sunbear rescue centre included.
  • There are plenty waterfall section but only the lower portion of it that open for public to swim.
  • You could trek up to the top of the waterfall for about 25 minutes.

Road to Kuang Si Waterfall. 


Entrance for Kuang Si Waterfall


Kuang Si Waterfall Map. 


Sun Bear Rescue Centre. 


Picture Perfect Instagram 


Kuang Si Waterfall. 



Top of Kuang Si Waterfall. 


Local Kid


Kiddo from the village. 


Harvested Paddy Field. 

Monk School

  • We came across these monk school nearby the bamboo bridges at Nam Khan river.
  • Decided to have a peek at their school.





Bamboo Bridges at Nam Khan River (5000 Kip / USD 0.60 / MYR 2.3)

Night Market

  • Always bargain for the best price.
  • There plenty of local goods for sale here.
  • Skip the vegetarian buffet if you love hot and warm food. Unless you are on tight budget, this buffet definitely for you.

Night Market. 


Tips when traveling in Luang Prabang

  • Bike Rent normally cost around 100,000 Kip – 120,000 Kip (USD 12 – USD 15 /MYR 54 -MYR 65) per day.
  • One full fuel tank would cost around 30,000 Kip  (USD 4 / MYR 16)
  • There are couple of nice restaurants here in Luang Prabang, I would suggest you to go to Le Cafe Ban Vat Sene for breakfast, brunch or lunch and Cafe Toui for dinner. Both restaurant offer excellent Laotian food at a decent price.



Cafe Toui


Banana Cake Smth Smth. 


Le Cafe Ban Vat Sene


Try this! 

  • Look for Laos Trip Advisor. They had tons of information and speak fluent english. They can help you out with your trip in Laos. We are very lucky that they located right beside our guesthouse.

Laos Trip Advisor. 

  • We stayed in The World Guesthouse (Newly listed in Airbnb). The place look great and customer services were moderately good. They offered free pick up and drop off to and from airport or the bus station in Luang Prabang. They provide free breakfast as well. However, we encountered very bad experience while sending our laundry here as we got our clothes still moderately wet. We gave it back to them to re-dry but still got it back wet. You can find better laundry services elsewhere in Luang Prabang.
  • Alms Giving Ceremony happen everyday earlier in the day.
  • Do try their Laotian Massage nearby the night market.  Perfect way to end the trip it cost around 60,000 Kip (USD 7 / MYR 30)

Laotion Massage. 


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