Taking a break from Church?


Okay. I’m a born Catholic. Raised by great Christian parents. Went to Sunday classes and attended Masses regularly. Used to be Altar Servers at my local Church. (WOOP WOOP HOLY TRINITY CHURCH!)

After finishing college and move out to Singapore for work. I’ve became a sleeping and lazy Catholic. I skipped masses and make up excuses for not attending. Prioritise work over religion. Prioritise weekly hang out over Sunday mass.

Been away from church spiritually and physically. Closest Catholic Church was only  5/6 bus stops away tho). Neglected my duties as a Catholic Christian. I felt bad at first. 

But then I got used to it.

Attending Sunday Masses since then became so foreign to me. 

I always envied how other Christian praise God and talk about God so passionately and full of faith. Christians who are so joyful and uplifting after every masses and services. Sharing Gospel and Bible verses. I used to love all these and love getting involved.

But not now. 

And I do not why.
Maybe because I am a born Christian. I took things for granted. I did not get thrown off in life and found Jesus to bring me back on my two feet.

How sometimes I wished I found God rather than being equip with Christianity since young.

Felt like I have been taking a break from God. 

Coming back right now taking me into different perspective of viewing my perception of Churches,Catholicism and Christianity. 

 Looking forward to serve God more this year! 
Woop Woop!

Lionel Benang

What’s Next?


Just resigned from my work about 3 weeks back. Living everyday life at my beloved home and still figuring what to do next. In the midst of juggling a video project for upcoming event, about to sit for motorcycle license test, planning for my travel and running errands and fulling my duties at home. I’m already running out of time. I wished I could get 48 hours a day.

Why do I quit?  Why do I decided to leave a stable career? A steady income? I do not have a definite answer. I just felt that it’s about time I do things for myself. Might not be the wisest decision according to many. I even doubted myself. Worked  6-7 days per week. Inconsistent working shifts. Life was really thrown out of balance. However, Singapore life was still good.  However, I wanted something more challenging and fulfilling.

With bit of savings, I decided to travel part of South East Asia and Nepal and maybe India for couple months. Everest Base Camp Trek would definitely be the highlight of my trip. I’m really looking forward to this expedition. Started in Laos and most probably end  in Indonesia. I have not decided which months I shall return home. Or just let my bank account tell me when to go home.

My goal for now is to grow my film portfolio and gain network.


Be my best self.


to feel content.