My First Ever Frisbee Hat Experience


3 cheers, 3 cheers for 6th Penang Hat! Hip Hip! Hurray! Hip! Hip! Hurray! Hip Hip! Hurray! This chanting. Still fresh and echoing in my mind. Got back from this Hat not long ago which was held last December at Padang Polo, Penang. What a life changing game experiences! Just a brief intro, this is an ultimate frisbee hat tournament where all registered player from all around the world and of course, Malaysia with difference game experience come together and get randomly picked to play for each team. Total of 16 teams this year! Freaking massive!

This is my first ever hat tourney. It’s been a while since my last tournament. Got way too caught up with works and did not train properly for this hat. My bad. Sowee Team! Felt like dragging the whole team down. However, they were all kind enough to coach me during the games and it helps!

I’m with the team RED CARPET CELEBRITIES, captained by Jamie and Casey. Both from Canada. The rest of the team, Shawn (Canada), Bryan (SWAT 7D), Bryan (Singapore), Jason (Carebear), Dino, Ji (Islanders), Yue Shern( Islanders), Madi the Dentist, Olivia, Chelsea (China/HK), Punit (Jusdisc League), Emmanuel, Terence (Singapore). Big shout out to all my teammates for covering my mistakes, sidelines cheers and tons of useful advises. Not forgetting all the work done by organising committee! Kudos peeps!

Let me tell you why Ultimate Frisbee is currently my favourite sports. I can be sure that it will be for the rest of my life is because of the positive attitudes and high sportsmanship (Spirit of the Game) that already embedded with the game.

The spirit circle after every game with the opponent team really loosen up the tension among players. It helps us get to know each other better and diluting the tiredness.

You can’t win with few great player, you need the whole team playing at 100% and getting that chemistry to score every points. Even if we lost, it doesn’t matter. This sounds cliché but now I really understand this phrase. What really important are your attitude on and off the field and teamwork chemistry. For example like how we played against one of the opponent team, where they were leading 4-1, then we got to universal points, 6-6. After that, we all put our hearts out for this last points and with a lot of great zone defends, several turnover and well played offence, we won that match.

It’s hard to do what you love and enjoy doing when you spent most of your time working. Losing focus on my priority all the time. Been slacking a lot in sports. It’s really sad and disappointing when you know you can do so much better but your body just can’t take it. This sports taught me more than just a fitness and gameplay. It’s the attitude that really count.  Positive attitudes, don’t beat yourself out when you made a mistake. Head up, and get better next time and always encourage and motivates each other. Don’t forget to add in the fun too!

I need to work more on consistency of my training. Be better, have courage and have fun!

Fall Forward and Keep Going!

P/S: I lost my toenail after this game. But still, worth it!