SALAM MUSIK – My Favourite Band

Music', Salam Musik


Salam Musik have been around in Malaysia music industry for years now. They are well known for their hip hop/reggae/jazz music with injected vibrant positive vibes, poetic lyrics, and catchy music beats that made your feet giggling all the time. I was lucky enough to watch them playing live at 2013 Jinx music festival in Sarawak Culture Village. I had this little crush on the only Bunga (female) in the band, the beautiful Miss Eyza Bahra which eventually made me follow up with the band’s music. Today, I listened to Aku Pelat by Salam Musik from Youtube which featured in The Wknd channel that made me wanna blog about them.This song kept playing in my head all the time. I can’t stop dancing! Do check out their link below for some really good evening music to chill with during the weekend!

Salam Musik Facebook Page Here Official Website

The Economics of Book Deals


Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

moneyWhen I wrote about my own experience going freelance in my Ultimate Guide to Starting a Freelance Writing Business, I mentioned the specific development that allowed me to quit my day job: a six-figure book advance. I didn’t want to get bogged down in the mechanics of book advances/the state of the publishing industry in that post, which was long and involved enough. That said, a freelancer friend wisely pointed out that I might want to explain that further, in case anyone’s reading that and thinking, “Oh, okay! I’ll just get a six-figure book advance then.” There are a number of reasons that I could think this was a reasonable expectation for me at that time (and these reasons, not coincidentally, double as a list of ways I was lucky):

1. We are talking about the lowest end of “six figures.” (I feel like I’m supposed to be coy about…

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At Home Between the Pages by Dan Gemeinhart


Nerdy Book Club

When I think of my childhood, two themes immediately rise to the top: movement and books.

We moved a lot when I was growing up. In the beginning it was because my dad was in the military; later, just because we were following (or looking for) jobs. From when I was born in a military hospital in Germany until I entered middle school, we moved nearly every year. I was used to putting all my stuff into boxes, then taking it all out of boxes again in a new house, in a new town, with a new school. Each move brought a different bedroom, a different neighborhood, a different teacher, different friends. My family was strong and constant, but the rest of the world swirled and shifted around us.

I was a quiet kid, shy and introverted. It’s not easy always being the new kid. Walking into a classroom full…

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No Plan B by Thrivor

Cancer, Justin McLean, Thrivor


What if there is no plan b for us? There’s only one option we have to choose from? Thrivor is a cancer-based organisation that aim to put the patient’s interests and needs at the heart of every decision made during their journey from diagnosis to completion which founded by a former Australian cyclist and cancer patient, Justin McLean.  After watching this short video, immediately it raised health awareness in me. What if it happen to me? Do I have other options? Do watch his journey of fighting cancer here. You will be amazed at his persistence in fighting cancer and thriving in the end. Think you have a backup plan? Think again.

Our life is so much about plan B, plan C & plan D particularly in western world where we have readjusted plan and readjusted plan. I just thought in over a million years of existence, I got this forty years window or eighty years window to have a crack at something. So no plan B for me was about all of your chips on the table been putting to beat cancer. It just didn’t felt right to be call a survivor, instead of survivorship, I want thrivorship. Thrivorship is not word, is a mindset, it’s an approach, it is an experience people should be entitled to. 

Justin McLean

Check out and support their dedicated web here

The Inspiring Filmaker – Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat, Inspiring Filmmaker, YouTube, Youtuber


I always made a living so I could make movies. I never made movies to try and make a living. If the reason why doing anything creative is to make a living, then your doing it wrong. You get into it because it’s a true passion, it’s something you really believe in, or don’t get into it at all.

Casey Neistat 

Not long ago,  I found out about Casey Neistat after Devin Graham posted a facebook post about him which featured in JacksGap Youtube channel. Then, I YouTubed Casey Neistat and found his version of ‘Draw My Life’. It was an amazing experience to virtually get to know Casey Neistat and his past. What he had gone through to be who he is today. There are many inspiring YouTuber/ Filmmaker out there and they are the reason that made me wanna push even further into this wonderful world. To name few of my favourite Youtuber, Devin Super Tramp, Wong Fu Productions, NigaHiga, FunForLouis, JinnyboyTv, DanKhoo Productions, TheMingThing, TheGrimFilm, The Doghouse Pictures, Night Owl Cinematic, Wah Banana, and Tree Potatoes. Okay. More than a few. Hahaha. These are my daily ‘Korean Drama’ dosage. Will blog more about each one of them soon.  Casey Neistat had gone some of the hardest time in life like leaving his only son to pursue his filmmaking career in New York and with limited equipments plus no YouTube Channel during his time. He was able to pull everything off and had become an inspiring Youtuber/Filmmaker all around. Thank You, Casey Neistat!

I could barely afford to eat, I didnt have anyway to stay, no education, few prospects and I thought no way it can get any harder than this , If I can figure out how to get through this, will be okay and so I did. I commit everything to New York City and to my dream.

Casey Neistat


Post-Graduation To Do List

Graduation Tips, Post Graduation To Do List, What To Do After Graduation

Helllooo Melllooo Peepoos! Happy Sunday!!  I would like to share my experiences after graduating from university. These may not be the best tips or advice, but I do hope it helps you somehow somewhere right now.

Okay. You just about to finish your 4 years engineering degree at your beloved university. At the moment, you probably had signed up for job street, LinkedIn or any other sort of job searching platform. You goggled the best possible resume template and laid down your best result and achievement on the paper. Make those First class honour in bold! Haha.. The proudest moment when you finished writing and proof-read it. That sense of achievement. Unbelievable!

I have been searching for a job for about 6 months after graduating from university. Now, I am happily hired.  Here some post-college/ university life tips before work. Your family, relatives, neighbours and friends will ask you about your future plan, what kind of work you will be doing, what kind of industry, career, salary. Yesh! Those typical questions I have been answering for the past six months. So, prepare yourself well, it’s okay if you could not answer all but along the way you will know what to answer and what do you really want in life.

Post – Graduation To Do List

1) Spent time with your family

Yes. Your family. You had spent plenty of time with your friends and college/university mates back then. Now, dedicate your time, energy and commitment to your family. By the time you graduating from college/university, it is one of our parents proudest moment so remember to thank them for all the sweats and tears they had gone through so that you have better opportunity ahead. Do remember that we aged and so does them. Hence, spent some quality time with them, have breakfast together, allocate a long afternoon tea-time conversation or go on vacation with them. Especially if you are away from home during your college/university years, there are time where your parents deeply miss you. Cherish and make the most of every moment with them.

2) Take care of your health

College and university are some of the places where we partied and got drunk irresponsibly. The next morning we waking up on our bed and forgotten how we got back home. We spend number of endless nights staying up late catching up with the whole season of Vampire Diaries, studying for the final examination at the very last minute or playing LAN game DOTA with your neighbour. All these crazy moments and experiences we are going to share and laugh about in the future. No doubt So, re-adjust your body biological clock, eat well, take care of your diet, hit that gym and get your annual health check done. Today, work stress, financial issues and  heavy job loads are inevitable and had caused many young adults to have chronic diseases at a young age.I suggest this would be the best time for you to work towards your optimum health! You want to live long to tell the tale. Take good care of yourself first so that you can take care of your elders and loved ones.

3) Entrepreneurship

I do believe in some point of life, everyone has this idea of setting up their own themed cafe, opening their Chinese influenced restaurant, establish their own clothing brand. Me too! I’m currently working toward funding my own filming studio starts up. Some of my friends are working as barista to earn necessary experiences so that one day they will be able to have their own version of Starbucks. So, if you have an idea or any passion, protect it, do whatever it takes to gain your knowledge in that industry, make friends with people of the same ambition. This may just grant you an open door for another oppurtunity! Who know, you might be the next Pestle & Mortar!

4) Reunited with some of your childhood friends

Remember Joshua? Yes, the one who look like Ronaldinho. He got three kids already. Wow! Yesh, time flies! By the time you read this, I probably having my first grandchildren. Go and meet your primary school classmates, old friend or that David living next door! Go and have some good time with them too! Remember, when career takes over, you gonna spend most of your time with your colleagues and bosses. There are no wrong to it but your childhood friend and you gonna have so much to catch up and you guys probably spent the whole night with some deep meaningful conversation.

5) Pick up new skills/ hobbies

Always wished to learn to play piano or spinning the track on the turntable with your headset on pretending you playing for a huge crowd in Tomorrowland? Go and register for some short courses now! Do not wait for the right time or you have enough cash. Work it out! Do it now! Plenty of working adult participated in part-time classes just to pick up new skills or enhancing their interest. Utilise your free time fully! Sign up for yoga class or something. Do what you love!

6) Participating in local event

Been away from home, I realized how many great local events that I had missed. So many great individuals are organising incredible event at their very own hometown. Participate at a local community event, invite your friends and family. Get to know the organising team and you get to spend some awesome weekend with your family and friends too.

7) Visit some local attractions 

Food addict? Nature Lovers? Get to your know your local attractions! Places where you have grown up! Be proud of your own hometown. You may never take all these blessed attractions for granted anymore! You look at these with a different perspective and you appreciate every little thing. So, go and enjoy those local delicacies that you always craving for a while in college or visit the sandy beaches for some peaceful getaway.

8) Go on the trip of your lifetime 

Road Trip?! Surfing in Bali? Jungle trek in Borneo? Go and do it! Plan your trip with your best buddies! Do not worry about an expensive trip! Budget road trip with your buddies gonna be fun too and it only cost a little! You would not trade a five-star experience with this. Trust me!

9) Meet your kindergarten/ primary/ secondary school teacher

Find them, meet them and chat with them. They might threw books at you or canned you publicly in the past, but they did it to disciplined us They are unseen warriors that help to bring up the next generation. Talk with them about life, I’m sure they will be open up to you. Have some deep and meaningful conversation, most teachers are very wise and they may give you some life tips that can be useful for you.

10) Start Saving Up 

Normally towards the end of the month, I normally got so broke that I only had one meal per day. Start saving up for your future and if you plan to invest soon, you need large sum of capital too. Remember work to break away from your parents financial support and learn to work smart to earn your living. This maybe sounds cliche but every succesful person in life learn how to increase their savings to start their own business, to travel, or getting invovle in investment. One day, we might end up with a 9-5 jobs for years in our career. Remember, do not end your productive life, work to be what you want to be not what they society want you to be. Be creative, be yourself and make a positive impact even it was only meant for yourself and family.

TheMingThing New Comedy Skit (YOUTUBE)

Cinanos, Malaysian Youtuber, Skyward, TheMingThing, YouTube, Youtube Channel

Cinanos – Mr. Magic Man

Yay! New video from TheMingThing! If you are a Malaysian and actively involve in social media, then these two Goofiest Malaysian YouTuber brothers are not strangers to you. I have been watching their YouTube videos since college years and without doubt, I always got entertained every time they released a new video. They never failed to come up with something that is bizarrely rare, but funny at the same time, especially Ming Yue and his face expression! Watch their latest released video called the Cinanos – Mr. Magic Man, these two brothers are so good at acting and you both should get Oscars already lah! and Yesh! I did not see that fork coming.. Hahahahah!

Fun Facts about TheMingThing

1. TheMingThing YouTube Channel Team actually consists of four awesome dudes, Bryan Lim @bryanlyt, , Raffi Th’ng @raffithng, Ming Yue @mingasaur and Ming Han @dmingthing

2. Ming Brothers started out as a band called Skyward (They still do perform and make some great music)

3. Ming Yue @mingasaur actually hosted a 8TV show called ‘The Stalker’.

4. They are Kendama players.

5. 1.6 million views on YouTube (Your Accent Come From Where)

Your Accent Come From Where 

You might know them from this million views YouTube video and this definitely one of my favourite comedy YouTube video. Air…air! Hahahah! Watch their videos and it certainly will brighten up your days!

P/S : Correct me if I’m wrong about the facts yo

David Beckham Into the Unknown (VIMEO)

Adventure, Amazon Forest, David Beckham, Vimeo

David Beckham as David Beckham

Hello Mello Peepooos!! We have known David Beckham for his top-notch free kick and amazing footwork on the football fields for decades. Plus, David Beckham was all over magazine covers and apparel models. David Beckham indeed a proof living legend celebrity footballer today. In this David Beckham Into the Unknown, you will discover David Beckham differently, as himself; not as a football star nor famous celebrity but as a humbling father, husband and a friend. Joined by two of his best friend and a film maker, David venture into the Amazon forest where no one can recognize him. Their expedition to meet the isolated tribe in Amazon forest absolutely fascinating. Sometime in life, we want people to accept us as who we truly are, not what they want us to be. If you are into fun adventure, add this kind of trip into your bucket list and go venture with your buddies. Soon, you will live to tell the extraordinary tale to your grandchildren!

No matter where you go, the same thing matter to everyone, family and friendship. It’s all about the simple life.

David Beckham