Perennial Favorites: The Benefits of Strategic Listening


Great read out for beginner blogger..

The Daily Post

In this piece from our archives, Michelle lays out the benefits of thinking strategically about your online presence — and becoming more attuned to the nuances of the blogging community.

Our blogs are expressions of us, informed by a community. It’s part of why we write blogs instead of handwritten journals.

Listening in on other conversations before you draft and publish clarifies your thinking and inspires more post ideas. While staying on top of topics you care about might be a more obvious move for a topical blogger than a purely personal one, taking the time to listen gives any blogger a lift.

You’re probably already engaged in the larger community, and you can focus some of that engagement to benefit your blog. It’s time to try some strategic listening. With free tools to simplify it, it’s an easy way to give your blog a big boost.

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